Phoebe’s Phashions Decking Out the Dogs

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By Marilyn King

The building lights in nighttime downtown Tulsa aren’t the only things sparkling in that part of town. Just as dazzling are the canine jewels that Lisa Steinmeyer makes for her business,Phoebe’s Phashions.

In the summer of 2003, Lisa, a native Tulsan and court reporter by day, started dabbling in a new hobby making sterlingsilver jewelry.  She soon found out that the sterling was too expensive, so she decided to try a necklace for Phoebe, her
miniature dachshund. Phoebe, by the way, was alreadyfamous in her own right, having appeared as Winner of the Week in the 2001 Workman Page-A-Day calendar series for dogs in pink sunglasses on a blue float in Lisa’s pool.

Lisa went to Hobby Lobby, purchased some fake pearls, and the first phashion was born. Friends starting asking for them, and soon after Southern Agriculture placed a large order that kept Lisa and a few friends beading day and night.  Oneby one, different Tulsa pet businesses placed orders, and Lisa’s business savvy to exhibit at the nation’s largest pet trade show,H.H. Backer, landed her an order from Harrods in London that to this day is renewed three to four times a year.

Now Lisa is decking out dogs in 36 states, along with canines in London, Ireland, Canada, Tokyo, and Australia.  Herjewelry is still made right here in Tulsa, and each piece carries a special charm of little silver sunglasses dedicated to her Phoebe.
Also, Phoebe’s is not just for the girls – there’s a line of “neckwear” for those macho boys out there who don’t want to be too frilly!

Way to go Lisa! Are these jewels cool or what!!!
Phoebe’s Phashions – Haute Couture for the Stylish Canine 918-582-6253

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