So this is How You Spoil YOUR Tulsa Pet?

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Story by Marilyn King

In our Winter issue we asked you to send in the ways in which you spoil your pet.   Okay, here are some of the better responses we received.   We’ve just included first names to avoid any embarrassments!

Besides spoiling our adopted St. Bernard in the usual ways, ice cream with dad, scrambled eggs, sleeping on the sofa, etc., we actually bought two vans in two months to accommodate her love of riding in cars.  We first purchased a van from a local Chevrolet dealer telling them we needed rear heat and air (for the dog of course).  Turns out the van did not come with that option even though we had specified it.  We then stopped in at our local Chrysler dealer and came away with a new van with heat and air in the rear.  Now I know that seems a little excessive, but we are definite dog people.  So when you see us driving down the street and the large St. Bernard head in the back window you’ll know how we came to be driving that van.

Carol and Ken, Tulsa

Picture, if you will, three Chihuahuas waiting in breathless, panting anticipation of the warm, wonderful hot packs heating in the microwave.  They know that Mom will give each of them a personal corn bag for their winter sleeping comfort. Such luxury.

PJ, Tulsa

When I settle in for a Sunday afternoon movie, I like to have popcorn and a dill pickle.   A bite of popcorn, a bite of pickle.   This is also my lab Buster’s favorite snack.   A bite of popcorn, a bite of pickle.

Steve, Tulsa

About the only special thing I do for my dog is take her through McDonald’s after going to the vet.  It’s like my childhood dentist who had a big basket of cheap toys for a “reward” that the patient could visit upon leaving an appointment. 

Jim, Tulsa

Hi.   My name’s Elmer and I’m a very spoiled Tulsa dog.  I get to go to work with my Dad every morning.   He brings an orange and a banana for both of us each day.  I always hear these people around me saying “I’ve never heard of a dog who eats oranges!”   I do though!

Elmer the Dog, Tulsa

We’d like to hear more tales about our spoiled Tulsa pets, so please keep sending your tidbits to [email protected].

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