Adopt-A-Dog Month

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Story by Mary Coley

According to Larry Briggs, Animal Welfare Department shelter director, “the American Humane Association established this special month, which is celebrated every October. The tradition promotes dog adoptions from animal shelters and provides an opportunity to spread the word about responsible pet care and how much having a pet companion can enrich your life. There are not enough caring homes for animals that are currently homeless.”
“By adopting a dog this month, or at any time of year, people are saving the lives of these precious animals and giving them much-needed, loving homes,” added Cassandra Love, Community Involvement Coordinator for Animal Welfare. “Our facility is designed to help answer any questions you might have about pet adoption or care of your pet, including information on spaying and neutering programs to prevent unwanted litters of kittens and puppies.” 

“We will also be providing more opportunities for adoption of pets both at the facility and through our redesigned website,” Love added.

“The website’s new information guide includes the leash laws, how animals are impounded, how you can adopt an animal, why your animals should be licensed and vaccinated and how you can arrange for your pet to be spayed or neutered,” said Love.

Visitors can find the complete language of the city ordinance related to animals, an information guide with a section on pet behavior and photos of dogs and cats that need homes at .

Dewayne Smith, Working in Neighborhoods (WIN) Department Director, which oversees the Animal Welfare Department, has studied the operations of animal shelters in comparative cities and will be implementing best practices in Tulsa. “Shelter management will continue to work with animal interest groups like the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals to set higher standards and review missions and goals,” Smith said.

The WIN department is tasked with forming and strengthening homeowner associations and also coordinating City services with residents.

“The shelter is improving every day,” said Mayor Kathy Taylor. “By placing the shelter’s management within the Working in Neighborhoods Department, we can increase our focus on neighborhood improvement and citizen engagement.”

“My pets have certainly enriched my life, and I am certain that those who work with and for our Animal Welfare Department have the best interests of both the animals and the people who will care for them in mind.”

Briggs and Love are currently meeting with several breed-specific rescue organizations to encourage them to rescue animals from the Tulsa Animal Welfare Department shelter and assist in finding them new homes. “We hope the input and advice coming from these meetings will help us increase the number of adoptable pets going to homes,” said Briggs. “The staff and I want citizens to come here knowing they will receive a healthy pet that will be a cherished member of their family for years to come.”

Those who come to the animal shelter during October’s Adopt-a-Dog month will likely find both long-term volunteers and employees to assist them. Volunteers at the shelter may serve as dog and cat companions, helping with everything from walking the dogs to cleaning their cages and kennels. Others are shelter greeters, escorting potential adopters around the kennels and cattery as they search for their future pet. These volunteers can provide information about specific animals.

 “Volunteers are the core of an organization. They bring experience with them and are willing to learn new things,” said Love. “We are always looking for volunteers who love animals and want to see them go to forever homes.”  If you are looking for a rewarding volunteer experience, please call Cassandra Love at 669-6289 or email her at [email protected]

To adopt a pet during October, see the website, , or visit the shelter. Tulsa Animal Welfare Department is located at: 3031 North Erie Avenue, Tulsa OK 74115.  Our adoption facility is open daily, except on City holidays: Tuesday through Friday 10 A.M. to 6 P.M.; Saturday: 12 Noon to 4 P.M.

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