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Story by Marilyn King

Hospice of Green Country has introduced a new program to provide pet care for their patients when they become physically or financially unable to do so themselves.  Entitled “Pet Peace of Mind,” it’s a unique feature to hospice care and was started last July.  

Delana Taylor, Hospice of Green Country’s Director of Spiritual Care and a non-practicing veterinarian, oversees the program, and says it’s a mission that’s close to her heart.   She sees how important the patient’s pets are to them, and says it lifts a huge worry from them to know their best friends will be cared for in the event of their incapacity or absence.

Pet Peace of Mind provides financial support for routine vet care, spaying and neutering assistance, pet boarding or pet sitting services in case of patient hospitalization, pain and other medications for elderly pets, and pet transport to nursing facilities or elsewhere to visit their owners.   

Dee Rosewitz, a participant in the program, says it’s been a godsend to her.   When her dog of 13-1/2 years, DeWayne, passed away in July, Pet Peace of Mind helped with the cremation.  Her remaining dog, Amanda, DeWayne’s litter mate, and three cats, Pud Pud, Pinkerton, and Tip still share Dee’s home.   Pet Peace of Mind has provided pain medication for Amanda, monthly heartworm preventative, and allergy shots for one of her cats.

Pet Peace of Mind, a non-profit United Way supported hospice, accepts monetary donations for support, but also says gift certificates from veterinarians, groomers, pet food/supply stores are much needed and appreciated.   In addition, they are seeking volunteers to help with transport of pets, fostering of pets, and people who would like to permanently adopt.

For more information about the program or how to help, call Pet Peace of Mind at 747-2273. 

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