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Story by Sherri Goodall

Have you just walked in the door to find your precious puppy shredding your ficus plant, gnawing your telephone cord, or peeing on your favorite Persian rug?
Your pooch is bored. He/she needs exercise and play time. There are few canine breeds that tolerate being alone, unless they are elderly or ill. Puppies and adult dogs need socialization, and pack awareness.

Would you leave your kid alone all day, with nobody to play with or talk too? Of course not.   Enter POOCHES…day care for your doggie!  Play time, naptime, and socialization while you’re at work or at play yourself!

Tulsa is a pet lover’s town. Nancy and Lawanna, the owners of Pooches, know this. Both worked in the corporate world, but both had dreams of owning a dog-oriented business.   With a background that includes training and showing their own dogs as well as overseeing the local Dalmatian Rescue and volunteering with animal welfare groups, opening Pooches seemed like a natural progression.

Pooches is staffed with trained employees who are ALWAYS with the dogs. Some are vet technicians, some are certified dog trainers, some have backgrounds in animal rescue.   All have experience in safely handling groups of dogs. 

The daycare dogs are divided into different playgroups according to size, age and play style. You won’t find a Yorkie with a Great Dane. Pooches even has a “quiet” or Zen room where shy dogs and mellow dogs can go chill out. If the dogs want to chase each other, yank on a toy, wrestle, or whatever dogs do…it’s all about positive energy. When it’s time for a nap, there are many couches, beds and rugs for the dogs to curl up in. 

At the end of the day, your dog is so pooped, all it wants to do is go home and collapse.

A normal day finds approximately 15 dogs in each of the five indoor play areas at Pooches. In over 5000 square feet of divided space, the dogs have plenty of room to romp, snooze and sniff. Potty breaks are routine. The dogs visit a 2000 square foot privacy fenced area to do their business. 

Just like kindergarten, dogs get individual attention, whether it’s belly rubs, ear scratches, brushing or just hugs and kisses. 

Pooches also provides in-home services, such as behavior training and pet sitting.  If you and your pooch would like to celebrate a birthday, Pooches offers Pet Pawties. Invite your favorite canine friends for treats, games, favors, cake, and the whole shebang.

Want to train your doggie to heel, sit, stay, and come?  Pooches offers obedience training classes.


Address: 5331 E. 41st Street
Day care hours: 7:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday –Friday. Saturdays by appointment.
Visit Poochesplace.com for more information.  Telephone: 398-64K9

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