Choosing the Right Person

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Story by Camille Hulen

The cat chooses the person, the person does not choose the cat, as these two stories illustrate.
Case #1 – laila

Why would anyone want to give up such a beautiful cat?  She was a full-blooded Siberian for whom they had probably paid $700.  “She bit one of the kids and she doesn’t like my husband much either,” the lady said.  So Laila was put up for adoption.

A young couple took her home.  They loved her dearly, but, it seemed, she developed this bad habit of urinating on their bed.  They tried different kinds of litter, they took her to the vet to have her checked for a urinary infection, and sought all sorts of advice, but the problem continued, so they brought her back to the shelter.  They cried when they left her.

Laila was checked once more for physical problems and none was found, so she was placed in foster care at a kennel for observation. There she always used the litter box, and never had an accident.  She was very loving and sweet, and even got along with other cats.  However, she did demand a lot of attention. She seemed to prefer women over men, and liked quiet time devoted to her alone.  Perhaps that is why she didn’t do well in a family setting, and, perhaps she was jealous of the couple’s relationship with each other.  She wanted a person all to herself!  Based on this information, it was suggested that she would do best in a home with a single woman.

Sure enough, the right person came along quickly!  She did have another cat, but felt that she had ample time to devote to two cats.  So Laila went to Home Number Three.

The following is quoted directly from the new “mom.”  “She is such a loving wonderful girl and gets sweeter every day as our bond grows closer and she continues to become more trusting…I am so happy with her and I love her and can’t imagine how anybody could have given her up.”  Need I say more? 

Case #2 – harley

Harley was the victim of a divorce.  When she came to the shelter, the man said that she was a sweet girl, but all she did was hiss, growl, and bite the volunteers.  Everyone was afraid of her, so she went to foster care.

At first, she stayed in her cage and growled.  If a human tried to pet her, she struck back.  This cat required a lot of patience, so she was left undisturbed, but allowed to observe other cats.  Hmm, this wasn’t such a bad place: those other cats seemed to be having fun.  They were relaxed and liked to play and be petted.  “Maybe I should try that,” Harley thought.  (Yes, cats do learn from observing other cats.)  So she ventured from her cage, but then quickly darted back when a human came near.  It turns out that Harley wasn’t mean: she was just afraid.  Two humans had previously adored her, but now she had no one.

Eventually, she allowed one person to pet and brush her, just a little at first, but then more and more.  The real breakthrough came when she relaxed enough to play.  She actually lay on her back and batted at toys.  This was a new found trust.

Then one day, the “right person” came to see her, interested in adopting her.  Harley immediately trusted this lady, for she was quiet and kind: she let her brush her and play with her.  This looked like an ideal match!  However, after giving it much thought, the lady decided that her current living situation was just too uncertain to assure Harley a good home, for she might be moving soon.

At the adoption center, Harley stayed to herself, and mostly hid in the storeroom.  But, guess what?  That nice “right person” could not get her out of her mind and came to visit her often.

Then, after a long time, it finally happened!  The lady decided that she was ready to take Harley home.  The adoption was approved immediately, since everyone had seen the bond between cat and person.  It had previously been a struggle to get Harley in a carrier, but this time she went right in, and when she reached her new home, she came out eagerly.  She stretched out on the floor and rolled around.  That first night she slept in the lady’s bed, and every night thereafter.  Home at last! 

Clearly, Laila and Harley chose the right people. 

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