A “rowling” good time!

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By Judy Langdon. Photos by Sirius Photography

If you think you need to leave the dog at home while you are out and about this summer, think again.

From May through October, you can find many Tulsans enjoying their evenings at free outdoor music concerts.

You can find lots of dogs (with their owners) there, too. And they appear to be having a “rowling” good time!

At a recent early summer concert at Utica Square’s “Summer’s 5th Night,” amid a sea of circled lawn chairs, coolers, parents and small children, there was a whole menagerie of canines present, in all sizes (including tiny cuddly puppies), colors, breeds and shapes. Lots of them. Some are rescue dogs. Some were even there to make a fashion statement.

While this summer might be the dogs and owners’ first to attend the concerts, many Tulsans have been bringing their “four-legged children” to Summer’s 5th Night for years, they said.

One couple even brought their “granddog” on their motorcycle!

According to their owners, most of the time the dogs will obediently sit or lay, leashed, at their masters’ sides, but a few have been known to wander off to the other side of a parking lot. Some dogs even have their own cushioned chairs with food, bones, water and toys; and some get a little bit of attitude if a passerby doesn’t give them a scratch or pat on the head.

A few of the dogs and owners encountered at the concert: John, who recently moved to Tulsa from Houston, was enjoying the concert with his 10 year-old Golden Retriever, Monroe. For a first-timer, Monroe (who was born in Jenks) was taking the crowded, loud evening all in stride. “He’s usually pretty lazy,” says Powers. Cara hasn’t always brought her dog to Summer’s 5th Night…she has even brought her bird, a Red Lorey! But making her first appearance at the concert on this night, was 11 week-old Blue Great Dane, Chloe.

Michelle has been attending the concerts for five years, she said, but had her 8 week old black miniature Schnauzer, Maud, in tow.

Rose, a red Standard poodle, has been coming to Utica Square with Harry and Beverly for the past four years. “She loves to ride in the car,” says Beverly. “And she loves seeing the children here. She thinks everyone should stop and talk to her, and gets upset if people don’t.” Still, Rose makes sure Harry and Beverly are always right beside her, says Beverly.

Chicka-Chula-Valentina, a 4 ½ yearold very vocal black Chihuahua, always sits atop a special red rug on her chair and (the night of the interview) a red bandana tied around her neck. Her owner, Karen, says Valentina, who is always leashed, during one concert took off across the parking lot, even attached to Karen’s chair!

Bruno, an adventuresome 3 year- old Pomeranian, was with his owner Lynne, who has been attending the concerts about four years. “He has been known to run away,” says Lynne, “so he’s always on a leash.”

Pam, who resides in Tahlequah, brings her 4 year-old male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chubby, a rescue dog, to the weekly concerts. “We come to these all the time,” says Pam, who says her dog doesn’t mind the drive. He even has his own chair.

Drover, a four month-old miniature Australian Shepherd came to Summer’s 5th Night on his “grandparents,’’ Steve’s and Laura’s, motorcycle.

It was only the second time that Stephanie brought her year-old white Labradoodle, Khaki, to the concert. “We came last year at the tail end of the summer,” says Stephanie.

Dressed in hot pink, just like her owner, Linda, was two-year old Pekingese, Coco. Coco was clad with a pink polka dot bow tied top her head and a pink ribbon around her neck. “She loves everyone and thinks everyone should love her,” says Linda. “She is spoiled rotten and loves to go places.”

Belinda, her husband and two daughters, brought Charlie, their 7 year-old Welsh Corgi, for the third year in a row. The family has been coming to the concerts since they started, and they have two additional Welsh Corgis, Chester and Lucy, at home. “When Chester gets a bone, he doesn’t chew on it, but he doesn’t want the other dogs to get it either,” says Belinda. “And he loves to watch ‘Animal Planet,’ on television. He barks at all the dogs on the screen.”

Hope, a loveable 1 year-old white Con-de-etouron (which resembles a Maltese), came to the rescue when her owner, also named Linda, was battling cancer. “It was a tense time (when we met),” says Linda, who named her dog because she gave her another reason to live. “She is a joy to have around, always wants to play and tries to kiss everyone.”

Dixie, who is another rescue dog, is a 4 month-old miniature Schnauzer who came to her owner, Cheryl and family, just in the nick of time. “I saw her picture in the paper and learned Dixie, her mother and the rest of the litter (who were in Oklahoma City) were going to be put down the next day,” says Cheryl. “I told my husband, ‘We have to get this puppy.” But the Dixons already had a dog and Cheryl’s husband’s first answer was no. “But then he had a change of heart, and he and our daughter went to Oklahoma City the next day and picked her up as a Mother’s Day present.” Dixie is still kind of timid, says Cheryl, and a typical puppy. “We do have to watch her, because she chews on shoes.”

“This is our second or third year to come to Summer’s 5th Night,” says Dan Blevins, with his 4 year-old miniature Italian Greyhound, Bella. “And we always sit in the same place.”

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