Dr. Wade Spradley, 2010 Oklahoma Equine Veterinarian of the Year

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          Dr. Wade Spradley of Legacy Equine Medical & Surgical Centre of Glenpool has recently been awarded the prestigious 2010 Oklahoma Equine Veterinarian of the Year at the 95th Annual Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association Convention held in January in Oklahoma City.

               The Oklahoma Equine Veterinarian of the Year is the highest award given by the OVMA. It symbolizes a career of achievement and dedication to the profession, Oklahoma citizens, and their horses. Candidates are nominated by their peers, and then selected from the nominees by past recipients of the award.  To qualify for this award the recipient must be an Oklahoma licensed Veterinarian, must have been an active OVMA member for the ten years immediately preceding nomination, must be recognized as an outstanding veterinarian by his or her colleagues in the veterinary community, and should also be a contributor to his or her community.

In addition, the award is given in recognition of an accumulation of accomplishments to veterinary medicine over a period of several years, a single outstanding identifiable contribution to veterinary medicine within the preceding five years, outstanding expertise within a specific branch of veterinary medicine as recognized by his or her peers, and/or an outstanding contribution to society outside the field of veterinary medicine.

          Born in Cameron, Oklahoma, Dr. Wade Spradley attended Oklahoma State University and received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1985.  Dr. Spradley’s vast experience comes from working for several different practitioners all across the southern United States.  He has practiced in Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, at two different thoroughbred racetracks, and a lameness practice in Houston, TX. 

Dr. Spradley returned to Oklahoma in 1995 and is now a practitioner and founding co-owner of Legacy Equine Medical and Surgical Centre in Glenpool, Oklahoma.

          Dr. Spradley is an active member of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, American Veterinary Medical Association, Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association, and International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology, an organization of equine veterinarians who practice the highest standard of equine sports medicine and diagnostic imaging through advanced education and certification programs. 

Dr. Spradley performs in depth and complicated lameness exams and uses the latest in lameness treatment technology.  He is also certified in equine embryo transfer.

          Dr. Spradley is a founding co-owner of Legacy Equine Centre, a state-of-the-art, exclusively equine hospital located on 23 acres south of Tulsa in northeastern Oklahoma.  The equine hospital offers the highest quality medical and surgical services to horses of all ages, sizes, and types to fulfill the healthcare needs of your horse.  Advanced lameness and prepurchase exams, diagnostic imaging using digital radiographs and ultrasound, shockwave, and the latest stem cell and platelet rich plasma therapy include a few of the sports medicine services.  Gastroscopy and upper airway endoscopy are also performed routinely.  The intensive care unit encompasses all types of medical cases and includes neonatal capabilities.  Embryo transfer and other reproductive services are also offered.  The hospital’s ambulatory service is available to improve convenience by making farm calls to your location.  Legacy Equine Centre also offers a complete surgical service including orthopedic, arthroscopic, upper respiratory, emergency, and laser surgery. 


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