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For dog owners finding their pet suffering from hygromas, hypermobility of joints, arthritis or other elbow problems, adjustable DogLeggs are a possible solution.
A Doglegg is a protective padding for dogs with sore elbows. They are made for dogs of all sizes, form tiny Chihuahuas to large Golden Retrievers.
In addition to the ailments listed above, the product also helps dogs with the following problems:
-Down dogs to prevent decubitus ulcers, and for the prevention of pressure wounds
-Dogs with hip dysplasia to protect the elbows
-Elbow dysplasia
-Post surgical coverage
-Amputees – on both the stump and unaffected limb
-Older dogs to help with pressure
-Neurologic dogs – to provide proprioception to the limbs
-Lick Granuloma
-Dogs whose legs have “pendulous (hanging)” calluses, that need to be “encapsulated” in the DogLeggs requiring a unique fit.  The adjustable DogLeggs come in black only and cost $107.50. A prescription is not necessary. As for the dogs level of comfort, the makers behind DogLeggs say that, in their experience, even the pickiest dog is comfortable wearing the product.



The following insurance companies cover the cost of the DogLegg:
AKC Pet Healthcare Place
Embrace Pet Insurance
Pet First Healthcare
Pets Best Insurance
Pet Plan Pet Insurance
Pethealth Inc.
VPI Pet Insurance

- Kristi Eaton


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