Not Long Till the Heat is On

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Story by Kristi Eaton

The temperature is rising outside and that can only mean one thing: Tulsa’s sweaty, humid summers are right around the corner.

When the temps are just right, spring and summers months in Tulsa can be a great time to spend outdoor time with your four-legged friend, but when thermometer reaches 90 plus degrees, it’s important to remember some basic guidelines for keeping Fido healthy in the heat.

  • Keep water handy. Dogs, like humans, can become dehydrated if they do not retain enough fluid. Make sure you have plenty of cl ean, cool water on hand for your canine.
  • Stay close to shade. Make sure there is some shade nearby, whether its under a tree or under an outdoor gazebo, there should be shade close by to take cover under to cool down quickly.
  • Visit the veterinarian. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals recommends owners take their pets to the vet for a spring or early summer check-up to get tested for heartworm.
  • Know the warning signs of overheating. Warning signs for overheating in a dog include excessive panting, drooling and increased heart rate. Also, be on the lookout for difficulty breathing, stupor and even collapsing. According to ASPCA, animals with flat faces, like a pug, are more susceptible to heat stroke because they are not able to pant as effectively.

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