Big Dogs, Small Yard? You need a POWERLOO!

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Story by Kristi Eaton

No longer does disposing of your four-legged friend’s waste have to be unsanitary, time consuming or messy.

World's first outdoor flushable dog toilet

 PowerLoo is an outdoor toilet that flushes to get rid of pet waste. Installed in the ground, the product connects to an existing sewer or septic line, where it then travels to a treatment facility or septic tank.
The PowerLoo eliminates one of the most common methods of poop removal: picking it up with a plastic bag, placing in the trash bin and waiting for the city to pick it up with the other trash, as well as the most unsanitary: leaving it in the ground for the soil to absorb it or let the rain carry it away. The problem with the latter method is that the waste contains a high level of disease-causing pathogens that can seep into the rain sewers, therefore entering lakes, rivers and other bodies of water.  Moreover, burying the waste or composting it can spread E. coli, Salmonella, Giardia and other diseases.

Just raise the lid with your foot on the pedal...

 Flushing the waste down a toilet has been found to be the safest and most sanitary way to get rid of dog poop, but many people do not want to carry their dog’s waste through the house to the bathroom toilet. Enter the PowerLoo, which has been featured on CNN and MSNBC. It comes in five different colors and two different packages. The standard package is $997 and the premium package is $1,197. For more information, visit

Push down further and flush your problem away!

 – Kristi Eaton

Photos courtesy of Tulsa homeowner.


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