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By Marilyn King

On a clear day, when the weather in Tulsa is near perfect, you might catch a strange site if you travel on 15th Street between Harvard and Yale Avenue.

At first one would think it a rather odd trio, a woman on a motorized scooter, with dogs in tow? I did a double-take the first time I saw her, cruising down 15th Street on a nice fall day. I spent about a year looking for her again, and finally succeeded this past spring.

Her name is Bernadee, and she and her long-haired Dachshund Patches and sweet-as-sugar Doberman, Buddy, explore and cruise down 15th for exercise and fun.

The outings are for the big guy Buddy, who needs plenty of exercise and stimulation. You see, Bernadee suffers from spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal cord and column, and she can’t walk long distances. Being a lifelong animal lover, she fell head over heels in love with Buddy but knew he needed daily outings – long daily outings. So about four years ago, she invested in her scooter, and now off they go! They usually cruise down 15th to the Fairgounds, and explore what’s going on there, be it the horse or dog shows or other event.

Buddy loves his outings, and Bernadee says he often morphs into a Husky and virtually pulls the power scooter along. Patches will walk alongside, but tires during the walk, so she’ll hop atop the scooter and relax most of the way. They’ve been honked at and waved at, and even caught in rain storms.

But it’s all worth it to be able to get out and enjoy the day, says Bernadee. They are well equipped for their outings. Buddy pulls his weight by carrying bottled water in his back pack, and there’s plenty of space on the scooter for a water bowl and dog treats. Patches did her array of twirling and sashaying for treats, and Buddy sat at attention for his goodies.

So just remember, when the weather here is near perfect, you might see Bernadee, Buddy and Patches out and about. Don’t honk – just a smile and a wave will make their day.

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