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By Marilyn King

Happy hot summer to all pet lovers out there!
I hope this issue finds everyone well and thriving.
Gracing this issue’s cover is “Mauser” the bloodhound. He’s not a character in any of the stories, and he’s not famous. He was actually submitted for a Pets About Town inclusion and when I saw that face I knew I had to have him on the cover. He’s just as handsome in person, and I hope you enjoy his bloodhound good looks! Keep the Pets About Town pictures coming – you never know, your pet might just end up on the cover! This latest issue’s story on the search and rescue labs was truly one of the most fun and exciting things I’ve experienced. (As a mother to rescued labs, I am also a bit prejudice to the breed.) When I met them, all three (while very well-behaved and not anything like the heathen-type labs I have) seemed like regular dogs — until it was time to go to work. Then no amount of distraction could break their concentration. These dogs are simply amazing.

Pictured here is just a portion of the search and rescue “training field,” and I’m the spec of a person on the left in the hardhat. While I was walking the concrete piles used to depict rubble, I got totally stuck and could not go forward or backward. The firemen sensed I was in a bit of a distressed situation, so I was personally escorted off the rubble with a fireman on either side.

We have a fun contest to implement – we are going to ask for photos depicting a certain pet topic, and we’ll publish every one we receive on the web site. We’ll also judge the best three and publish them in the upcoming issue. We’re kicking it off with Pets In Action. Be they flying pets, playing pets, soaring pets, pets in pirouette, send them in. Please email your high-resolution photo to [email protected]

It will be fun to see how high the pets can fly. Some of you may notice that there is no Shelter Report in this issue. We have made the decision to post the Shelter Report on the web site, with its own separate page, as we feel this will be much more timely for the featured pets. So check on a regular basis for your new shelter rescued best friend!! Again and as always, thank you to everyone who has contributed to this issue – to my advertisers and writers and loyal readers, a huge thank you! See you in October – and stay cool!

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