Best Birthday Present

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It was a dark and stormy night …not really, but it was a dark and stormy day– July 9th. A rather unexceptional day except it was my birthday. And, I was a bit depressed, what with the weather and the thought that another 365 days had zipped by without so much as a goodbye.

I finished some errands and got in my car when I saw a big brown and black dog lope across the parking lot at 81st and Harvard. Just as I saw him, another lady got out of her car, running after the dog. I shouted, “Is he yours?” She answered, “No, I found him running on 81st St.”

We tried to coax him to us, but the dog took off towards Harvard, and to our horror ran across the street, narrowly missing two cars that screeched to a halt. We followed the dog into the alley of the shopping center across Harvard. Both of us parked our cars so the dog couldn’t get out. He was terrified, exhausted and in bad need of water. His eyes showed signs of cataracts. This Airedale was no youngster, and definitely not used to being on the street. While I was holding him so the other gal could write down the phone number on his tag, I looked up, lo and behold, we were right behind a vet’s office! We walked the dog in and he collapsed on the floor. “Please, bring this dog water,” I begged. “Kipper” lapped up the water in huge gulps. I thought we would lose him to heat exhaustion.

The vet said they couldn’t keep him without knowing if he had vaccinations. The kind lady (whose name I did not get) called the number and finally reached someone else at another number left on the answering machine. This person said he was a neighbor of the owners, that they had just moved to Tulsa and he thought the dog was terrified of storms. (Remember, it was a dark and stormy day…) He told us he would try to reach the owner and call back.

While we sat there anxiously waiting for a callback–seemed like hours– a woman came running in the door holding a bedraggled looking terrier. She had just found this dog running down 81st St. This is getting strange, I thought. The vet tech looked at this dog’s collar, and guess what…it was the same phone number! We were in shock.

The little dog, Gidget, ran over to the big one, and they wagged and grinned, so happy to see each other.

What are the odds that within 20 minutes, two dogs from the same owner would be brought into the same vet, both nearly being run over? Just about that time, the vet’s phone rang. It was the hysterical owner, saying “Would you happen to have two dogs? We just moved here, and my dogs are terrified of storms!”

All three of us burst out in tears. This was miraculous!

“Guess what?” I said. “Today is my birthday.”

By the way, the lady that saved Gidget…her name is Shari, like me. Remember the Twilight Zone? A little music please, “do do do do… do do do do.”

A big thank you to Shari, and my partner whose name I still don’t know, and the veterinary staff at All Creatures. I couldn’t ask for a better birthday present. This made my day, actually the whole year!

Sherri Goodall
p.s. As it turns out, Kipper must be part cat, because he had way more than a couple lives. He was originally found at a flea market after being shot!

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