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Recognizing your pet has a problem early is the best way to help avoid suffering and having a worsening condition develop. The following signs may indicate

trouble in any of the pet’s joints, including the knees, hips, shoulders, neck and back.

   * Lameness

   *Difficulty getting up or getting down to a laying postion.

   *Difficulty chewing

   *Refusing to play with toys

   *Avoiding another pet’s attempt to play

   *Tenderness, swelling, increased warmth around a joint.

   *A sudden reaction or snapping when touched. 

Dr. Duree is providing local services through the courtesy of:

K9 Manners and More  in Broken Arrow

Canine Sports Academy in Norman

A1 Pet Emporium in Oklahoma City

Sincerely,Chiropractic treatment helps to restore normal joint function.  This relieves pain, promotes healing and prevents accelerated degeneration.

Dr. Willa Duree, D. C.

American Chiropractic Clinic

318 W. HighlandShawnee, Oklahoma 74801

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