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Story by Kristi Eaton

More websites are making it easier for pet owners to pay tribute and remember the pets they loved and lost.

Facebook is an easy way for pet owners to show their admiration for a pet who has died. Simply post a picture of your pet to your page or create a page devoted to your beloved Fido to keep him alive in your memory forever. has an In Memoriam section that’s local with an interesting slant.  For $15, users can post an online memorial to their departed pet.  That $15 goes to the local non-profit animal rescue organization of the user’s choice while the memorial will stay active for all time.  See the In Memoriam section on this website at .

Both Doggy Heaven and Immortal Pets allows users to browse and create their own memorial in tribute to their pet who passed away.

On Doggy Heaven, visitors can look through tributes of dogs by breed and learn about their favorite toy, games and special skills. Immortal Pets lets users create individual memorials and post poems, prayers and tributes to the animals no longer with us.

Doggy Heaven is free for users to use and post on, while Immortal Pets is free for 14 days after a memorial is set up. From then on, a one-time fee of $35 keeps it active.

From Facebook pages paying tribute to websites like, and, grief-stricken pet owners now have a place to remember and pay tribute to their beloved animals with obituaries and photos once strictly reserved for humans.

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