Shelter Upgrades Open to the Public

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by Kristi Eaton

The City of Tulsa Animal Welfare will be offering tours of its facility’s new and renovated spaces Saturday to interested members of the public.

The tours will run from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the facility, located at 3031 North Erie Ave.

“These renovations are indicative of our continued commitment to improvements at our Animal Welfare facility,” said Mayor Dewey Bartlett in a new release. “We are working toward a class A facility providing excellent, comprehensive animal care, a big switch from the former emphasis on basic animal control.”

During the first phase of construction, a new surgery room and surgery preparation area were built where a volunteer work room and the volunteer coordinator’s office had once stood, said Jean Letcher, manager of Tulsa Animal Welfare.

In the second phase, a surgery holding area, a renovated clinic and a renovated stray cat holding area were constructed.

“We’re proud to show off our facility now that the renovations of the vet tech area are complete, Letcher said.

A 2006 Third Penny Sales Tax extension funded the renovations while donated funds are being used to purchase updated and additional surgical equipment.

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