Survey: Pets Win!

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By Kristi Eaton.

A new survey reveals what many who own pets already know: they’d choose their beloved four-legged friend over money in a divorce.

90 percent of people who responded to the petMD survey said they would choose Fido over a big pay out.

Pets hold a similar appeal in the dating world. The survey found that 60 percent of people would be turned off or decline a second date if they found out the person they were dating did not like pets. Only 10 percent said they would be willing to give a second date a try despite the revelation, and another 30 percent said they would work to change the person’s mind to make them more pet friendly.

And many people would rather have their pet in their life over anyone else. 73 percent said they would choose their pet over a human if they could have only one friend.

“Pet owners are passionately loyal to their pets and they show it in every aspect of their lives,” said Nicolas Chereque, co-founder of PetMD, in a news release. “The petMD survey shows that, much like human relationships, pets are a mixture of love, worry, joy and frustration for their owners, who consistently look for ways to improve the quality of their pets’ lives.  A pet’s well-being is indelibly linked to that of its owner, and vice-versa.”

The survey, sponsored by petMD, a website focused on pet health and well being, polled 1,500 pet owners in the United States during the month of May.

Future politicians may want to take note of the survey, too. It found that 66 percent of people polled would not vote for a presidential candidate who is believed to not like pets. .

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