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By Anna Holton-Dean

Think your pet has a creative name? Or perhaps you’re a traditionalist – say, Spot or Trixie?

Well, Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI), the nation’s largest and oldest pet health insurance provider, released their list of the most wacky and creative pet names for the fourth consecutive year.  According to zootoo.com, VPI employees selected 50 unusual dog names and 50 unusual cat names from over 485,000 insured pets in their database. Then, they narrowed them down by voting for the 10 wackiest in both categories.

So, what 20 were the wackiest of all?


  1. Almost-A-Dog
  2. Franco Furter
  3. Stinkie Mcstinkerson
  4. Sir Seamus McPoop
  5. Audrey Shepburn
  6. Dewey Decimell
  7. Knuckles Capone
  8. Beagle Lugosi
  9. Shooter Mclovin
  10. Uzi Duzi-Du


  1. Ozzy Pawsbourne
  2. Mr. Meowgi
  3. Murderface
  4. Fuglee
  5. Scruffernutter
  6. Corporal Cuddles
  7. Cat Masterson
  8. Spam
  9. Tape W. Orm
  10. Louisiana Purchase


Almost all of the owners who were asked said they came up with the names based on their pets’ unusual behavior or characteristics, VPI Corporate Communications Director Curtis Steinhoff said in the zootoo.com article. So while they were all deserving of their carefully chosen names, it would still be a little awkward to hear Stinkie Mcstinkerson yelled across the dog park.

We’d love to hear Tulsa’s most unique and interesting pet names.  Tell us your quirky pet name by leaving a comment below.    If we get enough feedback we will publish the wacky names in an upcoming issue!

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