A Different Kind of Able

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By Anna Holton-Dean


When most people decide to get a new pet, they usually set out on a journey to find the “perfect” one. Perfect is a loaded word—oftentimes, they take into account common considerations such as shedding, or lack thereof, temperament, and what appears “cute” by general standards. Therefore, disabled pets’ chances of adoption are slim.

However, there are those who see the beauty in these “disabled” pets, and most importantly, they see something many overlook; they see them as “able.” Photographer Carli Davidson was one of those who saw the value of these pets and was inspired to create a photography series on disabled pets (Disabled Pets by Carli Davidson) after seeing a German Shepherd in a wheelchair playing with its owner.

According to dog-milk.com, she says, ““It was so happy, a dog doing what dogs do, totally undeterred by its disability. I felt inspired by the whole scenario. The owner made this choice out of love, to do a little extra work every day to make sure his friend was happy and comfortable.”

According to the article, she created the series to show “differently abled pets, telling their stories in order to show the world that they are happy, thriving companions.” She desired to show “they are not sad, they are not in pain, and the owners and animals continue to be of great value to one another.”

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Davidson is now in the process of creating a book from the series, telling the pets’ stories of surviving and thriving. Dog-milk.com says her hope is that “what people take away from these stories is information to make decisions for their own pets, an appreciation for the resilience of all animals, and ultimately a sense of normalcy from the photos and stories.”


Photography by Carli Davidson

Source: dog-milk.com


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