What’s in a name?

posted May 15th, 2012 by
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It was recently reported that Tim Tebow has decided to change his dog’s name as a result of being traded to the New York Jets.

The dog formerly known as Bronco has now been dubbed Bronx. It’s kind of similar, but will it confuse the dog?

I have to admit, anytime I have adopted an animal that already had a name, I have changed it. But I always figured, new owner, new name.

In another life, my Boston Terrier was called Checkers.

But the people who called him that also abandoned him when they moved. So, I’m guessing he wasn’t too sad when I showed up and started calling him Yoda.

Now that Yoda has been a part of the family for several years, I would have a hard time calling him anything else. His name suits him and he wears it well.

As for Bronco/Bronx, he isn’t getting a new owner, just a new name.

So what do you think? Would you ever change your dog or cat’s name and why or why not?

- Lauren Cavagnolo

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