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Vacations are great, until you have to leave your furry family members behind, as I’ve mentioned before.

I was feeling particularly guilty when I made the reservation to board my boys for our nine-day vacation this summer.

So when I asked for the pricing on the luxury suites, I was not completely surprised when I heard myself say, “We’ll book it.”

I was going on vacation, so why shouldn’t Yoda and Spock have their own vacation complete with toddler bed for lounging?

I use Woodland West Pet Resort, but there are plenty of other options in the Tulsa area. Check out the recently updated Pet Business Directory for more facilities.

Here’s the great thing about dogs, though. As much as I was beating myself up for leaving them, luxury suite or not, they were so excited when I returned.

Where people are often pouty, angry or resentful when left behind or left out, dogs are just over-the-moon excited that you bothered to come back. And that makes for one of the best parts of vacation.

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