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Mannford Fires

The wildfires in Oklahoma have impacted many families, leaving many without homes. But people aren’t the only ones affected when disaster strikes. Many pets have been displaced from their homes or separated from their owners in recent weeks.

We all know about having plans in place for emergencies, but do those plans include the furry members of your family? Now is a good time to reevaluate what your family would do in a variety of emergency situations and make sure that those plans include any pets in the home.

If you need some ideas, has some great resources on disaster preparedness for pets.

One of the easiest things you can do is put ‘Pets Inside’ stickers on your front and back doors. You can even sign up for a free pet safety pack from the ASPCA which includes the stickers as well as a magnet with the number of poison control.

Those interested in taking their preparedness even further can look into pet CPR and first aid classes offered by the Tulsa area chapter of the Red Cross.

And in the meantime, the pets impacted by the wildfires still need your help. Visit for a list of supplies needed and drop-off locations.

If you are looking for an animal lost during the fires in Creek County, please visit the Creek County Displaced Animals page on Facebook.

-Lauren Cavagnolo

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  1. Paul Rogers says:

    I have been taking my cats and dogs to Dr. Cody for around 40 years and fear the day he retires. Our current cat, Bugs, was a rescue cat who was malnourished with fleas, ticks, ear mites, intestinal parasites, and a respiratory infection. Dr Cody never gave up on him and now, five years on, he a loving, healthy, and 19 lb. part of our family. If it weren’t for Dr. Bill and his staff we might have never seen this day with Bugs and we are thankful for the love and care they give to all our animals. A big 5 for Ranch Acres Vet Hospital! Paul Rogers

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