Whose fault is bad dog behavior?

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When it comes to the bad dog at my house, I already know the answer. It’s all my fault.

It used to be that only good dogs lived at our house. Dogs who minded their manners and followed the rules.

Then, this summer, we found out Yoda was sick. A mass on his heart required immediate surgery.

The week of his surgery I babied him and spoiled him. I bent some of the rules and outright ignored others. I rationalized my behavior with the fact that this could very well have been his last week at our house.

When he came home from surgery, I continued the special treatment and rule-breaking. Again, I rationalized. He just had surgery, he is in recovery and these could be his last days!

My husband now jokes that I have ensured our bad dog’s final days are nowhere near and that we will be sharing our home with our Boston Terror, yes Terror, for many years to come.

Our once rule-following dog now thinks he should have his own seat at the dinner table and that he should eat what we eat.

His once cozy crate is no longer good enough. Nothing but the middle of the bed for this dog!

And ask him to do anything without promise of a treat? Forget about it.

So now, Yoda and I are both relearning a few of the house rules.

Whether we are successful is a different story, although it doesn’t really matter. I would much rather have my bad dog than no dog at all.

Have a bad dog at your house? Tell me about it in the comment section below.

- Lauren Cavagnolo

2 Responses to “Whose fault is bad dog behavior?”

  1. If one reads maybe 3 or 4 posts on my blog, one will find that I have 3 bad dogs! And I fully know who caused the bad behavior. :0). Especially Lord Malcolm. He started his life eating (and swallowing) every nasty thing he could find from poop to doggie chews to rug tape. Yes. He was trying to kill himself. Now that he’s done with that, he’s moved on to lunging at small dogs. I really tried to do the right thing by him, but obviously, I’ve failed. We are both now in Therapy with Tiffany Talley, the dog behaviorist. She is a great help for the dog………I will require quite a lot more work.

  2. Collette Lemons says:

    Bonnie is a Jack Rat terrier and the perfect dog… but he is full of energy and we can’t keep up so we adopted Tori. She is also a Jack Russell mix. She is a good dog but you can tell she did not have much in the way of training before we adopted her.

    With Bonnie, when we brought him home as a pup I simply pointed to the shelves and tables and told him no. To this day he will not take things from a shelf or a table. Tori will grow up to be a lawyer… The Christmas Tree is on the table and is a no no… BUT that little glass ball on the branch is hanging off the table so it is fair game… we had to discuss the tree again and point out each decoration as a no no.

    She is part goat. Her poop is more like sculptures than poop. It don’t dissolve when it rains, lol.

    Tori watches me sew, looks around, then runs in and out really fast. Bonnie comes in and does his best “Timmy fell in the well” routine for me to follow him outside… Tori stole a piece of lace and took it outside to be her own and Bonnie was telling on her. I took it back and she stole it again. So I took her to the sewing room, gave her her lace and told her she had to leave the rest alone. She still has her lace but leaves everything else alone, lol…. Furry kids… all different and all entertaining.

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