How do you pet-proof holiday decor?

posted December 11th, 2012 by
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Or am I the only pet owner with this problem?

Every holiday season, usually sometime the week after Thanksgiving, the battle of Me vs. Them begins, Them being the four cats and two dogs who also reside in my house.

Most of this seasonal battle takes place over the crown jewel of Christmas decorations, the tree.

My cats are under the mistaken belief that I have put up a tree and draped it with expensive, glittery cat toys and lights just for them.

And my dogs… well, they think they have been blessed with an indoor potty for the winter months when they don’t really feel like going outside at all.

I have yet to be able to explain to any of them that, in fact, this tree is for looking only.

And so everyday, I scoop up ornaments off the floor (thank goodness for shatterproof!) and redecorate the tree. I usually also have to clean up an unwanted present or two left under the tree.

I have already given up poinsettias and tinsel for the cats’ sake and keep most decorations out of reach of nosy dogs. All I want is a tree to enjoy during the Christmas season.

Maybe one day I will win the battle, but tonight, I’m just going to go in the living room and redecorate my tree.

-Lauren Cavagnolo

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  1. Collette Lemons says:

    I take them around and point to everything and tell them no. Most of the time at our house that is enough. I don’t treat train so they understand the word no. It’s nice not to have to deal with the same issues over and over.

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