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posted February 25th, 2013 by
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I know there are a lot of petitions floating around out there (Death Star, anyone?), but there is a new petition deserving of every Tulsan’s time, attention and signature.

The goal of the grassroots movement, led by Lloyd Benedict of the Benedict Law Firm, Marilyn King of TulsaPets Magazine, and Steve Kirkpatrick of TulsaPets Magazine/MyTulsaLive, is simply for the city to enforce the spay/neuter laws already in place.

Shocked that this isn’t already happening? You shouldn’t be.

In 2012, the city euthanized more than 7,000 animals of the almost 12,000 taken in. The most effective solution to this pet overpopulation problem is for pet owners to take a little responsibility and spay and neuter their pets, reducing the number of unwanted pets taken in by the city.

However, the numbers make it evident that there are plenty of irresponsible pet owners in Tulsa. Which is where enforcement of the current law is key.

Pet owners who refuse to have their animals fixed need to know that the city is serious about the law.

For more information on the current law and ordinances and a link to the petition, visit Spay / Neuter Tulsa on Facebook.

What better way to celebrate National Spay/Neuter Month than by signing the petition? Do it for the animals of Tulsa who need and deserve better.

-Lauren Cavagnolo, [email protected]

4 Responses to “I signed it, did you?”

  1. Charles Lambeth says:

    This needs to be enforced!!

  2. Liz Eagan says:

    I’m watching and I vote Mayor Bartlett!

  3. Tuesday Behlivanis says:

    Definitely past due time to be strict on our pet laws.

  4. Angela says:

    Absolutely not. This law is a ridiculous micromanaging of people’s lives. How dare they. I have LOST an animal during a spay and for that REASON I do NOT want to spay THIS dog. Tell me – If I am forced to do so, and something happens to my dog, will the city give a crap?

    What’s your guess?

    You people had best wake up before every minute part of your lives is micromanaged by yet another commie group of choke holders around your necks. You accept it, you ask for it, that’s exactly what you will get.

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