Photographer donates time, talents to help out TAW

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If you follow City of Tulsa Animal Welfare on Facebook, you may have noticed lately that the adoptable animals have had some glamour shots taken.

The stunning photos are courtesy of Sherry Stinson of TylerDog Photography,

“I’ve always loved photography and to me it’s the best of both worlds. I’m doing what I absolutely love and I adore animals,” Stinson said.

To say she adores animals might be an understatement. The day of our phone interview, Stinson was picking up a dog from Tulsa Animal Welfare so she could deliver him to his new home in Yukon the next day. Without the ride, there’s a good possibility he would not have been adopted and been euthanized instead.

Stinson has been donating her time and talent to take photographs of homeless animals for the past five years, helping more than 20 city shelters and animal rescue groups, though she is quick to point out she couldn’t do it alone.

Stinson says she has had the help of “everybody from an 8-year-old to a 70-year-old that would come and help handle and calm the puppies, dogs and cats as they were brought to me to take pictures.”

The first city shelter Stinson helped out at was Washington County SPCA. For about three years, Stinson and her team of helpers showed up weekly to photograph the animals waiting for forever homes.

“When we first started doing it, their website was getting about 200 hits a month. By the time we finished it, they were getting over 20,000 hits a month,” Stinson said.

Stinson said she was told by the interim director that people were coming in and asking for the pet by name because they had seen the photo online.

Stinson has now taken on Tulsa Animal Welfare for her weekly photo shoot and I know I am just one of many who is looking forward to seeing the difference her photos will make!

“I love cats, I love dogs and to know that I can help them through another thing that I love, to me that’s the greatest thing in the world,” Stinson said. “I get to do what I absolutely adore and help them at the same time.”

However, Stinson says she’ll be glad when she is no longer needed “because that means everybody has a home.”

- Lauren Cavagnolo, [email protected]

Helpful tips

For those of us who would like to capture pics of our own pets at home, Stinson was kind enough to share a few tips.

Take the time to compose the shot.

A lot of dogs are shy or scared of the flash, so turn it off.

Take advantage of the Kids and Pets setting found on most digital cameras.

Give the animal time to calm down and get used to the camera, eventually they will forget about the camera.

 Get down on the dog’s level — “I spend a lot of time on my belly at photo shoots!”


2 Responses to “Photographer donates time, talents to help out TAW”

  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful article, Lauren! Also, to clarify for those wanting to get good shots of their pets at home, the “Kids and Pets” setting is found on most point-and-shoot cameras, not digital SLRs. :) Again, thank you!

  2. Lori Jones says:

    Sherry’s photos have made a dramatic difference for our adoptable dogs and puppies at Haven of Hope Rescue Foundation. We have found loving, wonderful homes for about 85% of the rescues she has photographed here at our facility. We love spending time with Sherry, our rescue kids LOVE her, and her passion for animal rescue is inspirational. People are drawn to our adoptable kids because of her unique photos, and she captures each individual rescue perfectly. She is AMAZING!!!! We can’t wait to have you come back!!! Lori, Haven of Hope Rescue

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