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Interested in training your dog to do some of the tricks you see at agility shows?

Purina Farms has made it easy with their free P5 app for iPhone and iPad.

The app collects the knowledge of trainers at Purina Pro Plan. The trainers teach rescue dogs a variety of skills related to agility, diving dog and flying disc.

The app starts with a foundation of running, strength training and obedience before getting into the more complex tricks.

Step-by-step video demonstrations and a dashboard to track your dog’s progress make this app easy to use and apply.

After watching several of the videos, my 8-year-old Bostons and I headed out to the back yard to dust off their frisbee.

The toss training video focuses on the proper technique for throwing the disc. Amazingly, my dogs were much better at catching their disc once I was throwing it correctly!

Even if you aren’t interested in teaching your dog show-stopping tricks, the obedience training tools are great. What dog (or owner) couldn’t use a refresher now and again?

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-Lauren Cavagnolo, [email protected]


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