Social media a boon for animal charities

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A recent study has found that animal-related causes are twice as popular on social media compared to human rights and other issues, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

While I would never want to downplay the importance of human rights, the environment, poverty, etc., this is something for animal charities to take note of.

It makes sense to me. A lot of people look to the internet and social media for more lighthearted fare… I’m forever seeing adorable kitten videos in my Facebook feed. So issues that relate generate more attention, according to the article.

And animal charities should be using that to their advantage.

I have found that most of our area rescues and shelters are quite active on Facebook and I hope that it is making a difference. For those that haven’t made social media a priority for their group, I hope they are paying attention.

Websites like Kickstarter offer a new avenue for fundraising and Facebook and Twitter can help spread the word quickly.

So put yourselves out there and let’s continue to give a voice and online presence to our furry friends.

- Lauren Cavagnolo, [email protected]

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