The Rein Coat for Anxiety

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Rein Coat

What is The Rein Coat™?


In short, this “calming coat”, The Rein Coat™, is a designer coat that’s a harness and a coat that calms and reduces the anxiety of scared, oversensitive, frightened, alarmed and aggressive animals.  The Rein Coat™ is designed to provide a custom fit for all shapes and sizes of dogs/cats with its unique strapping system; and fits dogs from 5 pounds to 250 pounds with neck sizes ranging from 6 inches to 35 inches. There is no other known K9 garment on the market that will fit such a wide array of dogs, from toy breeds to giant breeds – not to mention we are the only product in the world that works in such an innovative, gentle and nurturing fashion!


How does The Rein Coat™ work?


You may ask, how does this coat work?  The patent pending Rein Coat™ works by replicating a naturally occurring behavior between animals and their offspring in a gentle and nurturing manner, therefore, the calming effect is gleaned as an innate response. To put this in the most simple terms

picture this:  A mother dog picks up her puppy by the scruff of his neck.  What happens?  We all know the puppy instantly calms down. The puppy relaxes so much that he almost goes limp because he knows his mommy is taking him safely and securely out of harm’s way.  The Rein Coat™ has been designed to lightly touch your pet on the nape of his/her neck (just like the mommy dog).  When this happens it triggers the production of oxytocin, a naturally occurring neurochemical, released by the brain that reduces fear and replaces anxiety with the feelings of safety, security and trust that calm fearful, overexcited and insecure animals.  In numerous trials, The Rein Coat™ has been effective in calming pets that are afraid of rain, storms, thunder, riding in cars and other methods of travel and vacuum cleaners, just to name a few. The Rein Coat™ also allows your pet to move freely without making them feel confined or constrained.  Your pet can run, play, sleep, eat and roll over. Dogs that have previously paced and panted and have extreme storm anxiety, have been documented as being so calmed during storms when wearing The Rein Coat™ that they now are able to eat dinner during active thunderstorms and even sleep!  The Rein Coat™ offers a safe, affordable, drug-free and natural solution to all types of pet anxiety.


The Rein Coat™ is breakthrough news for cat or dog lovers and was invented, and is manufactured, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  The Rein Coat™ isn’t just a calming coat, it’s also a fashion statement and an easy way to walk your pet in a 3 – in -1 harness that’s also a coat.  All you have to do is slip the coat right over your pet’s head, click the 2 buckles, snap on your leash and you’re off.  It’s that simple!



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