Cat holds family hostage

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House Cat Traps Owners

When the following headline popped up in my newsfeed on Facebook, I had to click it: “22-pound pet cat holds family hostage until police arrive“.

As the momma of both a 22-pound cat and a seven-month-old baby, this article makes me shake my head. No, no one was seriously injured and yes, I do find it somewhat absurd that two grown adults needed to call 911 for help with their cat…

But what really bothered me about the story was that it would appear that an infant’s interaction with a family pet wasn’t very well supervised. And on top of that, the parent’s reaction once the interaction went poorly was to kick the family pet. Yikes!

No wonder Lux held his family hostage!

In all seriousness, our pets and children cannot learn how to treat each with other without parental guidance and example. If you kick your pet, so will your kid. And pets can’t be held responsible for their animal reactions when they are allowed to be mishandled and mistreated.

While the story has spread on the internet as somewhat of a joke, there is a serious lesson to take from it. For a great resource on pet and child safety, visit

-Lauren Cavagnolo, [email protected]

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