Hot cars = hot ovens

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My dogs love a good car ride. Especially when it is hot out and none of us feels like walking outside. There is nothing better than the sunroof back and going through a drive through. Soda for me, a cup of ice for them. And if the AC isn’t running, they aren’t in the car.

While I am confident that Tulsa Pets Magazine readers know better than to leave their pet in a hot car, what should you do if you come across an animal who has been left in such a situation?

The Tulsa SPCA recently addressed the issue with the following posting on their Facebook page from cruelty investigator Tim Green:

“This is a common problem that occurs more often than you would believe. it is my dilemma as well. If I come across a dog in a car I immediately contact the authorities, whether in the city or rurally. While waiting for them, I try to force a window down to let some air in. I’ve been able to get most windows down at least a few inches, all the way around the vehicle, without causing damage. When officers do arrive it is up to them to determine how to continue. Many times the car is parked at a mall or in the parking area of a store and I help by going into the businesses to have them make an announcement to contact an owner. This has worked a number of times. If all else fails, it is at the officers discretion whether to break a window. I’m sure they would before letting an animal die. I think it is most important to get authorities on the scene as soon as you can.”

Animals can suffer brain damage or die from heatstroke in just 15 minutes, according to PETA’s website. On a hot summer day in Oklahoma, the temperature of a parked car could easily reach 160 degrees in less than 10 minutes. Check PETA’s website for more information on heatstroke in animals.

Below, are several ideas from to avoid needing to leave your pet in the car.


- Lauren Cavagnolo, [email protected]

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