Fact and fiction on the internet

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If you are on any form of social media, you probably noticed a blog post about the dangers of giving dogs ice water that was shared by well-meaning dog lovers everywhere. And shortly after, a myriad of posts and articles debunking the first post were shared.

It always amazes me how quick people are to believe the things they read on the internet without verifying the information with another source. Scarier, is how quickly people are to share inaccurate info with their friends and continue the cycle.

I purposely have not included links to any of the above mentioned blogs or articles because I have no interest in further spreading that information. While the internet is great for finding surface level info, the best source of information regarding your furbaby’s health is their veterinarian.

Not sure if icewater is right for your dog? Wondering what that weird rash is on your dog’s belly? Need advice on getting your cat to stop peeing on your rug?

The internet, and social media especially, can be a great place to start gathering info, however a simple visit with your veterinarian will give you information tailored to your pet.

Along the same lines, I always cringe when I stumble upon pet websites formatted as ‘ask a veterinarian’. Inevitably, questions are asked that just can’t be answered without seeing the pet in person and the final response is usually take your animal to the vet.

Let’s leave the internet for the silly pet videos and use common sense when it comes to the health and wellbeing of our babies.

-Lauren Cavanolo, [email protected]

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