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Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue

17667 Markita Dr.  Jones, OK  73049

(405) 399-3084 or (405) 615-5267

[email protected]

Federal I.D. 43-2024364


August 10, 2015


Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue, Inc. located in Jones, Oklahoma, is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that strives to improve the lives of neglected, starved, and abused horses.  We provide equine rescue regardless of age or disability.  We promote and teach horse care and humane, natural methods of training horses.  Our primary focus is Animal Cruelty Cases.  We work closely with the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Division and the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office with their Equine related Animal Cruelty Cases.  We also assist any other local/rural county sheriff’s office who request our assistance.




It is hard to believe it is already August.  This year has been extremely busy and we have certainly seen our share of emergency cases.  Rescued horses can be expensive to bring back to health, but this year we have tackled more special cases than our 15 years in operation combined.  To see the transformation of these horses and know that our hard work and determination saved them, is priceless.  However, the expenses alone have been overwhelming.  We are making an emergency request for donations to assist with the medical care and rehabilitation of the horses currently in our rescue program.  Below you will see some of our more urgent cases.  Of course, these rescues can range from the normal rehabilitation process, such as deworming, dental care, farrier care and a proper diet, to more advanced cases needing surgery, treating eye injuries, corrective shoeing, and much more, plus the normal care.  We couldn’t save as many lives without you, our supporters.  Your generosity has helped us save over 1250 horses.  We can’t thank you enough! 


Remington came into our rescue program on July 20, 2015.  Remington came from the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Division along with 1 other horse.  Remington is a Beautiful, Bay, Quarter Horse, Gelding.  Remington is estimated to be 8 years of age.  Remington is very thin, body score of a 2, infested with internal/external parasites.  Remington’s feet were in a horrible condition and wearing shoes too small for his hooves.  Remington stands for the farrier and loads in a trailer.  He is super sweet boy and loves attention.  Remington has a long road of recovery ahead of him.  We will update as Remington improves.  Please consider making a donation towards Remington’s Rehabilitation.



 Shemar came into our rescue program on April 27, 2015.  Shemar came from the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office along with 1 other horse as an abandonment/cruelty case. Shemar is a Beautiful, Black, Quarter Horse, Stud.  Shemar is estimated to be 7 years of age.  Shemar is very thin, body score of a 3, infested with internal/external parasites.  Shemar appears to be a double crypt-orchid or was possibly a crypt-orchid and someone only removed the dropped testicle.  We have run several testosterone tests to confirm that he is a stud.  Now, we have to schedule surgery, to basically go in and find the testicular tissue and remove to make him a true gelding.  Shemar still has the capability to breed and we certainly don’t want to ignore this.  In the meantime, Shemar is battling some liver issues.  We are not sure why he appears to be in liver failure.  In order to determine what is going on and to properly treat him, he will need to go to OSU for a liver biopsy.  The expenses for the biopsy, treatment and the surgery will range around $3000.00.  Shemar is a sweet boy and deserves a second chance to be a wonderful horse and enjoy pasture time and a family.  We need your help so that we can help Shemar.  Shemar is super sweet and loves attention.  He can be distracted by other horses, which is typical for a stud.  Shemar has a long road of recovery ahead of him and we are desperately asking for your assistance.  We will update as Shemar improves.  Please consider making a donation towards Shemar’ Rehabilitation.



   Billy Bob came into our rescue program on August 7, 2015.  Billy Bob came to us as an owner surrender along with one other Donkey after their “caretakers” died.  Billy Bob is a Beautiful, Brown/White, Paint, Jack.  He is estimated to be 10 years old.  Billy Bob is super sweet and loves attention.  He is in healthy body weight, however, his hooves are in extremely poor condition.  Billy Bob is basically walking on Skis, it is painful, and he moves slowly.  Hoof growth like this does not happen overnight, this process can take up to a year or more.  Can you imagine how difficult it is for this sweet boy to get around?  Billy Bob will require being gelded, and he will need extensive corrective work on his feet, in order to get him back normal.   This beautiful boy has a long road of recovery ahead of him.  We will update as he progresses. Please consider making a donation towards Billy Bob’s rehabilitation.   


   Charles Ray came into our rescue program on August 7, 2015.  Charles Ray came to us as an owner surrender along with one other Donkey after their “caretakers” died.  Charles Ray is a Beautiful, Brown/White, Paint, Jack.  He is estimated to be 20 years old.  Charles Ray is super sweet and loves attention.  He is in healthy body weight, however, his hooves are in extremely poor condition.  Charles Ray has gone a long time without proper care, and due to that fact, his front foot has remodeled itself and he is now standing on the front side of his hoof, curling it under.  Can you imagine how difficult it is for this sweet boy to get around?  Charles Ray will require being gelded and he will need surgery on his tendon to correct his hoof and bring it back to a normal position.  We would like this sweet boy to receive both surgeries at once.  This guy is truly a love bug and it would be so wonderful to see him run and play like he was meant to do.   This beautiful boy has a long road of recovery ahead of him.  We will update as he progresses. Please consider making a donation towards Charles Ray’s rehabilitation.   




We also ask that you please consider adopting a horse.  When you adopt a horse, you save 2 lives.  You save the one you are adopting and the one that is now able to come into our rescue.  We need to make room to assist other horses.  If you or someone you know is considering adding a horse to their family, please check out our available horses.  You can call or email and schedule an appointment today.  We have a lot of wonderful horses seeking their permanent, loving homes. 


We have so many wonderful horses in our program, and so many with needs that ask for your assistance.  From horses with lameness issues that need treatment, to horses with severe fungus issues, eye injuries, emaciation, wounds, hernia surgeries, castrations, EPM treatment, teeth floating, vaccinations, deworming, etc., our horses are our top priority and it takes a lot to properly care for so many rescued horses.  Whether you make a monetary donation, adopt a horse, or simply say a prayer for Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue, we truly appreciate your support.




Because of YOU and your heartfelt generosity, we are able to save these horses and many others from an uncertain death.  We ask for your assistance as we have so many more horses in our program that need your help.  Our average monthly expenses now total $8500.00.  If you can please help us, continue to save rescued horses, please make a donation to:



Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue

17667 Markita Drive

Jones, Oklahoma  73049


or you can donate on-line through paypal @


Or you can contact our Veterinarian directly and apply a payment to our account

Exclusively Equine Veterinary Services at 405-973-5740


We are currently caring for 140 horses in our rescue program.  We have many wonderful horses that are seeking their forever, loving homes.  I hope that you will consider adopting a rescued horse.  Whether you are able to make a donation or adopt a rescued horse, both help us tremendously. 



Blaze’s Haunt for the Horses Benefit Trail Ride


You are invited to join us October 24th, 2015 for our 6th Annual Blaze’s Haunt for the Horses Benefit Trail Ride at Bell Cow Lake, Chandler, Oklahoma.  Check in begins @ 9:00 am. Guided and Self-Paced rides will begin to leave at 10:00 am.  Lunch will be served at the pavilion at 12:30 and the costume contest starts at 2:00 pm.  Come join us for treats on the trail, door prizes, drawing, and good times with friends.  All proceeds benefit the horses in our rescue program.  Pre-Registration will be available on September 1st.  Registration covers T-Shirt, Lunch, and Trail Fee’s.  For more information please call Trail Coordinator Leslie Brown @ 405-245-7309.



Experiences with Saddle Up Horsemanship


We had a wonderful opportunity to work with Saddle Up Horsemanship the first week of August.  Kelci Goad offered a Training Camp for those that wanted to learn the basics of training horses with a solid foundation.  Kelci Goad wanted to use some rescue horses in our program that was ready for adoption and that could enhance their adoptability by providing them a solid foundation on the ground that transfers to the saddle.  We were thrilled to watch the progress of 6 Students and 6 Rescued horses.  Everyone did such an amazing job, despite the heat, worked all day and made a positive difference in our rescued horse’s lives.  Each student had a unique take on their experience, but one that spoke volumes was Kathy Dupois, who was paired up with Quigley.  Kathy and her daughter Lilly both participated in this camp.  Lilly was paired up with Sprite, who proved to be a bit more of challenge. 


Kathy made a wonderful statement about her experience that touched me:  Kathy stated:  “Some days you get to do the coolest things…beyond what you ever dared to dream!  Those days are treasures.  Some days you get to watch your child do really hard things with such grace and determination it takes your breath away when you remember she’s just a child.  Those days are pure joy.  Thank you Kelci Goad, Samantha Matthews and Natalee Cross.  We notice and appreciate all the hard work that allows us this amazing opportunity”. 


Kathy, Lilly, Halle, Emily, Kaidyn, and Cordelia did an amazing job with their horses.  We simply cannot thank Kelci Goad and her wonderful students enough for all they do to assist our rescued horses.  We are always inspired and touched by everything you put forward to help the horse.  A big Congratulations goes out to Kathy for adopting her camp partner Quigley.  We are thrilled to see these two continue to work together.  Truly a happy ending!  Thank you Kathy!        




We are excited to announce that our documentary is now live and online.  Please take a moment to check out this beautiful video.  This really speaks volumes on who we are and what we do.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.  You can view the video here: or you can go to our website at and click on the video on our homepage.



Attention Adopters:


It has come to our attention that we need to remind everyone that an adoption contract is a legal binding agreement between Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue and the Adopter.  We have an adoption contract for a reason. It is to protect our horses that is the same reason we freeze brand them. If you have adopted a horse from us, and did not abide to the adoption contract, you will be held accountable. For example, if you decided you no longer wanted your horse, and you did not notify us that you wished to re-home your adopted horse, and choose to do so anyway, YOU ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT HORSE. YOU, are the one that signed the contract. Our contract states that the horse needs to be returned or placed into an approved home. If we weren’t notified and you placed our horse into a home you know nothing about, and did not allow us to approve said home or get a signed contract with new adopters, then when I find that horse in a sale barn, being neglected, etc., then I will seek legal counsel against the adopter of which we have a signed contract with. Just because you decided you know longer want the horse does not mean you are released from the contract.


This is just a reminder that we want our horses to go to a FOREVER, LOVING HOME. If you don’t want to provide that home, then PLEASE, return our adopted horse and allow us to find them the home and family they deserve. I am not going to put the names out there right now. But, stay tuned, as I am completely aware when our horse winds up in a bad situation. That brand tells me everything I need to know and it also alerts many people that is a Blaze’s horse. So, when I receive a phone call that one of my horses have been checked into the Jones Sale Barn, you better believe I am going to go up there and get my horse back. You see, that person you sold my horse to, wasn’t under contract, so when that person checked my horse into the sale barn to sell, I am not going after him, I am going after YOU, THE ADOPTER, WHO SIGNED THE CONTRACT. My horse is now safe and returned back to our facility and our awesome attorney is filing the paperwork to sue the former adopter for damages to the horse, as well as, the costs incurred to us, to purchase the horse back and bring him back to the health he was when he was adopted out.


Also, remember, social media does a lot of things and it’s amazing how quickly someone becomes interested in learning about that freeze brand on their newly purchased horse. Just because you withheld information about that horse when you went against the contract and sold the horse, does not mean, the truth won’t come out. We always find out and it is time to for those that are breach of contract to be held accountable.


Adoption is supposed to be taken seriously and is something that one should take pride in. 99% of our Adopters are wonderful, but for the few of you that don’t believe that contract is a serious legal binding contract, please think again.  We did not invest thousands of dollars, unlimited amount of time, shed tears, and beg for them to hang on and pull through, to put them into harm’s way.  That is why we take certain measures to protect them for the rest of their lives and why there is an adoption contract in place in order to adopt.   






Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support!!  We wouldn’t be here today, without each and every one of you!!  Thank you on behalf of the entire Blaze’s Family!  So many horses would be lost without you! 


Over 1250 horses saved in the last 15 years!!

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