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Open Letter

Honorable Mayor Bartlett, City Councilors and Dr C Kunzweiler,

Tulsans continue to generate relentless numbers of cat and dog litters, inundating Tulsa Animal Welfare and

local private rescues and shelters for decades with unwanted and homeless animals.  Pet overpopulation creates

myriad problems for our city.


Litters have one source and only one source   —intact animals.

The tried and proven solution is so fundamental it is staring us in the face:  prevent litters in the first place with spay/neuter.


The only way to eliminate our pet overpopulation (and the need to impound/vet/shelter/adopt/foster/transfer/euthanize animals)

is spay/neuter.   Eliminate our pet overpopulation with community education, local affordable/available spay/neuter and

ordinance enforcement.  Funding spay/neuter programs rather than euthanizing animals is a much more prudent and humane

use of taxpayer dollars.




Patty Mandrell


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