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Thunderbolt was a gaited Paint with the kindest eyes and calm personality. I sold him to a loving family in Bennington, Vermont in September, 2014 when we sold our ranch in Claremore, OK. He always greeted me with kisses for treats and followed me everywhere I went. The picture I am sharing is of him kissing me goodbye the day Abbey Spencer picked him up. The sweetest memory I have of him was when I sat down in the pasture and he grazed for a few minutes, them he laid down next to me, sighed and went to sleep. I leaned up next to him and did roo. He had severe colic starting November 8th, when Vermont had a warm day and during the night the temperature plummeted to below zero. Three other horses died of colic that same night. They did everything they could to save him but his pain was intolerable and he had to he put down. His new owners, Vernon and Jamie Rose Southworth are devastated as I am, too. Rest in peace Thunderbolt, you have your beloved horse buddy, To, to keep you company. RIP beautiful boy.

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