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Pet-Friendly businesses in Tulsa 

By Anna Holton-Dean



Tulsans love their pets—a fact that’s evident even in the business community.


So, we’ve rounded up a whole list of some of our favorite pet-friendly businesses, from restaurants with patios that welcome pets to those that support animal rescue causes. Whether you want to take Fluffy for a rental bike ride along the river, delight Fido with a downtown dinner date, or simply patronize a business that professes to love pets as much as you do, we’ve got you covered!



If you like your pizza and libations “‘Tulsa Style,’ raw, honest, unapologetic and real,” Andolini’s is the place to go. With multiple locations from Broken Arrow and Jenks to Cherry Street and Blue Dome Sliced, there’s one near you.


Their commitment to an exceptionally high-quality process and true ingredients, which have been sustainably sourced, make Andolini’s a unique dining experience—one that approaches the craft of pizza-making with a passion to uplift the art form through great service, great atmosphere and, above all else, great food.
Thankfully, for pet lovers, Andolini’s great service and atmosphere includes pet-friendly patios where your favorite pooch is not only welcomed but served, too.


“We love all animals and believe in inclusivity,” says owner Mike Bausch. “We offer the dogs water and whatever they need… and we love TulsaPets Magazine.”


Baxter’s Interurban Grill

At Baxter’s, you’ll find not only a quiet, casual relaxing atmosphere, but also a place to have fun while enjoying a great meal. Your tastes will be delighted by their menu featuring a variety of American cuisine, traditional fare and signature dishes. There’s also a gated pet-friendly patio with water bowls available.


“Coming from families with both dogs and cats, owner Craig Baxter and I are animal lovers of all kinds,” says Manager Molly Mason. “Pets are family, and we are happy to extend our patio to the whole family.”

But, she says, more than just dogs like to visit the patio. “We have a Tegu and Bearded Dragon that enjoy the patio on occasion, and we’ve met two generations of White German Shepherds over the years.”

            Mason herself has a 2-year-old Great Pyrenees named Lucy. “She visited the patio a few times when she was a puppy but now likes to share food a little too much,” Mason says. “She thinks she’s a 95-pound lap dog!”


Bricktown Brewery

At Bricktown Brewery – Brookside, “we know how important pets are to the folks in Brookside,” says Manager Heather Bassett. “And we’re happy to provide a place where pet owners can enjoy local beer and great food—while their pets enjoy our pet-friendly patio!”


Bricktown Brewery in Brookside also provides water and a variety of treats for pets. “While we don’t have specials for pets, we do have Bricktwisted Comfort Foods on our ‘people menu,’” Bassett says. “These items change throughout the year and are foods you may remember from growing up but with a Bricktown twist. Our Bricktwisted Mac’d Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich (with mac & cheese inside the sandwich), served with San Marzano Tomato Soup, will take you back to childhood… as you and your pet enjoy Bricktown Brewery in Brookside.”





Many businesses can’t justify staffing a full-time IT professional. That’s where CamTech can help, offering a more cost-effective solution. But with their responsiveness to clients’ needs, it may seem like they are just down the hall.


CamTech is a full-service provider, so they can help with any issue that arises, from systems design to desktop service. An added bonus, they offer a preferred rate for pet lovers because at CamTech, “We love pets!” says owner Jimmie Cameron. His ads always feature his beloved pooches, Volley, a 7-year-old black Lab, and Coco, a 2-year-old Cavachon. “They add so much to our lives that we want to include them in everything we do,” he says.


Whether your needs are for one person or an entire office, CamTech can help with valuable, time-saving solutions.



Dos Bandidos

At Dos Bandidos, they take pride in being different from your typical Tex-Mex restaurant, taking recipes from friends and family across Mexico and the SoCal area. With over 30 different dishes and 15 handcrafted drinks, you’re sure to find something for the whole family. Even your four-legged family member will find free water offered on the pet-friendly patio.


General Manager Alisha Axman says animals are important to Dos Bandidos. “We believe all animals are part of the family just as much as your own kids!” she says.


With two dogs and a cat of her own, Axman says, “They’re so much fun, and they’re my fur babies!” She also says to bring along Fido throughout the spring and summer to enjoy live music on the Dos Bandidos patio.



Ferguson Subaru

Pet owners often consider their four-legged companions as more than just a pet. That’s why Ferguson Subaru considers pets part of the family. “Animals have a remarkable ability to cheer us up, soothe our sorrows and even improve our health and well-being. Ferguson Subaru truly believes that after all the affection our pets have shown us, they deserve some in return,” their website says.

Nearly seven out of 10 Subaru owners have a pet, which is part of the reason the company allows pets on test drives. After all, their slogan is “Love. It’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.” So, Ferguson Subaru wants to extend that love to four-legged friends by not only offering a pet-friendly environment but also by frequently hosting special events and activities especially for four-legged friends. They proudly support local Tulsa-area animal rescue and adoption organizations.


Geeks to the Rescue (do we need the “to the”?)

Geek Rescue is your one-stop computer, network and IT solution provider. That means they “fix lots of stuff!” From fixing computers, networks, iPods, iPhones, Xboxes and other smartphones to building secure networks to designing and hosting award-winning websites, they are up for any challenge.


So, what makes Geeks to the Rescue a pet-friendly business? “We love pets,” says Damon DoRemus, chief information officer. “We see lots of pets all day at people’s homes and sometimes businesses. Dogs are almost always in a good mood.”

DoRemus says while pets may not be critical to the running of their business, “we sure do enjoy their company!”

At his own home, he has two Jack Russells and a Lab. They’ve paid a visit to his office on occasion, but he says they much prefer to stay home and chase squirrels in the backyard.


George’s Pub | Maryn’s Taphouse & Raw Bar

Voted one of the top five pubs in Tulsa, at George’s Pub in Downtown Jenks you can choose from a great selection of beers and spirits as well as homemade pub grub, mostly made in house and never frozen. Enjoy it while catching a game inside or on the dog-friendly cozy patio. provides you with friendly and knowledgeable service in a   “Animals are very important to me and my family,” says owner Corey Crandall. “The first slow years of George’s, my animals were my company at the pub.


“Over the years, I have added another pub, [Maryn’s Taphouse], with a very large patio, a selection of 40 draft beers, a unique raw bar menu and handcrafted cocktails. My two French Bulldogs, Gunner, named after my beloved Arsenal football club, and Georgie; she is the mascot for George’s—they among tons of other dogs can be seen on my patios. We offer water bowls and treats and a simple set of rules: dogs on leashes and clean up after your own.”


McLemore Insurance Agency

McLemore Insurance Agency has a longstanding reputation of serving Tulsa. In fact, it’s the oldest insurance agency in Tulsa County, established in 1903 before statehood. And not only does the company serve the people of Tulsa but also pets by supporting Lab Rescue OK’s annual adoption event, Labapalooza. Chris McLemore, office manager and wife of owner John McLemore, says the company also writes Lab Rescue’s insurance and donates the commission back to the nonprofit.


The McLemores have their own 14-year-old Lab, Shadow, who they rescued eight years ago. A fixture at McLemore Insurance Agency, he accompanies Chris to the office every single day, along with every other place she goes. She says, second to only her grandchildren, Shadow is her favorite topic of conversation.


Michael V’s

While many people may know Michael V’s for its amazing, fresh baked desserts and “Oscar” dishes, it’s also famous for its pet-friendly deck. “We serve fresh water for those that ask and have a comfortable, shaded deck for dogs to hang out on,” says Carol Minden, a self-professed dog person and co-owner with her husband Michael.


“Michael and I have had Collies and/or Bernese Mountain dogs throughout our 33-plus years of being married. Currently, we have a Rough Collie and three Bernese Mountain dogs.  I train and show them in conformation, rally, obedience and agility.  They all have numerous titles earned in the performance arenas in both AKC trialing and UKC trialing.


“We have a framed article about our dogs and training hanging on a wall at our entrance. It’s always nice to watch customers’ reactions when they see we are dog people. It’s amazing the conversations you can get into when you start talking about your dogs!”



NexGen Lawns

NexGen Lawns in Tulsa offers a wide range of deluxe and luxurious synthetic grass products that have been specially designed and developed to suit a vast number of environments and applications. Synthetic grass is deal for providing pets and pet owners a clean and safe area to play on, says owners David and Rachel Benditz. “No more muddy paws or backyards!”


“Pet owners make up a large part of our business,” Rachel says. “Clients appreciate the cleanliness and limited maintenance of artificial grass. It is always satisfying to see both the dogs and their owners happy with the finished project.”


Dog lovers themselves, David and Rachel have a Boxer and an English Bulldog. “Both have unique personalities,” Rachel says. “While the Boxer loves to talk to you, the Bulldog acts like you haven’t petted him in days. They both bring so much joy to our lives.”


Prosperity Bank

Just like kids who anticipate an obligatory lollipop while accompanying their parents to the bank, so do four-legged regulars who visit Prosperity Bank’s lobbies and drive-thrus, says Tasha Hendershot, vice president of Prosperity Bank in Tulsa.


“Their little tails start wagging because they know that they’re about to receive a treat.
Animals are so important to their humans that we appreciate when our customers share them with us. We always love seeing our four-legged friends,” she says.


A pet lover, Hendershot has a “grumpy 8-year-old Pug named Chubbs and a vivacious 5-year-old French Bulldog named Charlie” of her own.



Proudly serving Tulsa since 1983, Queenie’s serves the freshest, tastiest food using local meat and veggies. And springtime temps are the perfect weather for enjoying delicious, local fare outdoors. Owner Ruth Young says whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner—or simply stopping by for a homemade dessert—you can bring your well-behaved furry companion along to enjoy your selection on the pet-friendly patio.


SilverTree Technology

SilverTree Technology is a full-service IT company featuring networking engineers who provide installation, planning and support; application developers who can build software from the ground up; graphic designers with the ability to create a single logo or design an entire application; and web developers who specialize in developing professional websites. And as a pet-friendly business, all employees are allowed to bring their pets to the office.


Steven Smallwood, president of SilverTree Technology, says as a pet owner himself, he realizes the importance of pets to their humans. “Pets provide companionship, security and happiness,” he says. He has three dogs (Bella, Ryder and Jax) and one cat (Josi) “that run the house.”


Society Burger

Society Burger on Cherry Street is all about good food, fellowship and, of course, unique burgers. They believe “everyone has their own perfect burger,” and the perfect burger is meant to be shared and savored in the company of others. Sometimes, those others include pets, which are welcome on their 12-month patio.
“In addition to having doggie treats and water bowls, we have been known to serve up a hamburger patty hot off the grill for our furry friends,” says Johnny Tatum, general manager of Society Burger. “We pride ourselves on creating a friendly, welcoming environment at our restaurant. That includes welcoming those folks who might be out on a stroll with their pets.”



Ted’s Pipe Shop

At Ted’s Pipe Shop, pets are a permanent fixture. Teddy, a Morkie, has gone to work every day since owners Marc and Karen Clymer adopted him two years ago. And the business itself is also a fixture in Oklahoma, as the oldest cigar and tobacco store in the state. Marc has worked at Ted’s for 35 years and purchased the business five years ago.
“Teddy has a best friend, Bruno the French Bulldog, that works next door at the liquor store and Lilly, a Yorkie, works there, too,” says Karen. “They visit a lot when they’re working!”
Not only do the Clymers love their own pets, they also love their customers’ pets. “We have dog cookies for our furry visitors, and if they don’t get to come with their parents, we send cookies home. They count on it!”

The Grand Treehouse Resort

Nestled in the middle of a wildlife forest yet only a five-minute drive to historic Eureka Springs, Arkansas, the Grand Treehouse Resort is an ideal weekend destination for pet lovers. The unique studio accommodations are truly “treehouses” with some even featuring trees growing through them.


“Here at The Grand Treehouse, we love all pets,” says owner Frank Green. “So many of our guests come with their little ones, and we always make sure they are welcome. At the time of reservation when they tell us they are bringing their pets, we always ask their names, so when they check-in, we can greet them.”


Three miles down the road, Angler’s Restaurant offers good food and a pet-friendly patio, so pets don’t have to stay behind.


“The Grand Treehouse has three dogs of our own—all rescues,” says Green. “We have Jackson, a beautiful chocolate Dachshund, Muzzy, who is a Chiweenie, and last but not least, Rico, who is a Rat Terrier. We love them all. So, pack up and bring the clan to The Grand Treehouses.”


Tom’s Bicycles

Tom’s Bicycles has not only one but two locations to serve Tulsans who want to enjoy the great outdoors. Just across from River Parks with access to miles of paved trails, the store also rents bikes—you can even rent a tricycle with a basket big enough for some small dogs, says Jonah Panther, manager.


The folks at Tom’s Bicycles love animals. “We actually sell pet accessories, like baskets to carry small dogs or cats with you and leash attachments. Well-behaved pets are always welcome inside,” Panther says.

While owner Tom has two dogs—Curly and Django—Panther says, for now, he only owns pets of the scaly variety.  “I have three ball pythons. I recently lost a dog who I had for years, and I haven’t been able to bring myself to get another yet.”


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