Common Bonds

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Common Bonds


Tuesday, Jan 21st, was the Big Reveal for the Common Bonds initiative.  There are 24 participating partners. The initiative is based on the Collective Impact approach that focuses on relationships between organizations and the progress towards shared objectives.  Another way to think of it is the holiday gathering of a large family with the common goal of sharing a communal meal with dishes from diverse cooks.  PAAS is one of the partners.


I understand the Collective Impact process and it will be fun (sometimes challenging) to see it in action as we move forward.  Here’s what it can mean for each of you reading this post.  “How can I become involved?”  Community leaders, caring citizens, animal rescue organizations, elected officials, religious leaders, your next door neighbor, the famous cat lady in your town, the rescue or municipal shelter with which you are associated.  Frankly,  anyone/everyone who is willing to work toward the common goal – – – a Humane State for Oklahoma dogs and cats by 2025.


Important components of the initiative include shared data.  For those shelters who have hesitated to report their intake/outcome numbers – – we really need them. There is no judgment, but figures help us understand the scope of the challenge.  It took me awhile to buy in to the importance of numbers (the good, the bad and the ones I didn’t want to know about), but it is necessary.  PAAS is now sharing data on the website Shelter Animals Count and our PAAS Ride-to-Rescue partners are members of our Coalition.


Interested in learning more???  Have questions???  Contact me at:  [email protected]

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