PAAS Recognized

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PAAS Recognized


In the world of rescue, opinions – – confrontation – – – anger – – and a host of other unpleasant attributes too often fill the “feed” on Facebook – – even in closed groups where you would hope the members are supportive.

And then – – something good happens and it helps – – it really, really helps.  Thursday Jan 23rd was the Vinita Chamber of Commerce Banquet.  Four staff members and one spouse attended and PAAS was recognized for Civic Improvement.  Why?

RecognitionThere are fewer dogs running loose, fewer unwanted “oopsy” litters and for the cats – – while there are a lot – – it isn’t as bad as it was a few years ago.  Just before Christmas a farmer stopped me say “thanks”  It took me by surprise – usually “thanks” does not describe a conversation with someone when they know I’m with PAAS.  The “thanks” was because for the first time in years, he had no dogs or puppies dumped on his land!!!  Yes – – I know there were others who weren’t so fortunate – – but there aren’t as many as there was 5 years ago – – we’re making progress.

Sooooo…PAAS is making a difference – – the Vinita leadership recognized it – – and the PAAS Crew couldn’t be more proud.

PAAS is a transfer hub for 13 municipal Oklahoma shelters and a spay/neuter clinic for people who want to get their pets fixed.  It wasn’t the road we’d planned – – but it is rewarding – – life saving – – and the Vinita Chamber of Commerce recognized our hard work!!!

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