Rural Rescue

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Rural Rescue Reality


Based on where PAAS started (2015) and where PAAS is today (2020)…this is what we’ve learned.


Out-of-state transfer is vital – 5,300+ Oklahoma dogs now live in Colorado.

Spay/neuter – – consistent – – weekly – – ongoing makes an impact – 3,000+ pets fixed.

Funding – – angel investors who believe in a mission and support it financially

Rural Rescue

It works!!!!


  • Facebook is our go-to-for communication with our municipal shelter partners via a closed group.


  • Transport leaves every Sunday night, unless Mother Nature acts up between Vinita, Oklahoma and Denver, Colorado (destination Dumb Friends League)


  • Consistent spay/neuter clinics at PAAS with funding, weekly. With more funding – two to three days per week.  And, yes they would quickly fill up.  With weekly ones – we’re booked at least a month in advance.


  • PAAS was designed as a “traditional” shelter. Today we’re a transfer hub and spay/neuter clinic.  We’re making an impact, a difference and this prototype will work in rural towns.

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