Breaking Ground – Ground Breaking

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Breaking Ground – – Ground Breaking Results


Five years ago PAAS opened as a traditional shelter.  We discovered there were hundreds of dogs and cats who wanted to come to the shelter – but there were few people walking through the door to adopt.  It was a classic case of over supply in a saturated market.   We quickly had 50 dogs, 75+ cats and a waiting list of more than 150 dogs and 150 cats.  We had to think outside the box and find a new solution.   We looked at the situation as a market driven business.

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Breaking ground

Today PAAS is a transfer hub and spay/neuter clinic.  As I’m writing this, 30+ northeast Oklahoma pets are getting “fixed” at the clinic and on Sunday, 30+ homeless dogs from 13 municipal shelters will make the overnight trip to Dumb Friends League in Colorado.

The transition most assuredly did not happen overnight. It is difficult to change – – and transfer and spay/neuter clinics were not even discussed.

Thanks to donors and, especially the Cresap Family Foundation, Arnall Family Foundation and HSUS Pets for Life – since 2016 Vinita has exceeded 90% live release rate for dogs – a standard recognized by organizations such as PetSmart, Best Friends, Maddies Fund and others as Humane.  The Kirkpatrick Foundation has set a goal for Oklahoma to be a Humane State by 2025 for shelter dogs and cats.  For rural Oklahoma municipal shelters it can be a reality if, and it’s a big IF, there’s financial support to implement/expand a transfer program and establish a three year spay/neuter program for animals that bark or meow – – no questions asked.  This last one is as important as the transfer.

I recently had the opportunity to share our story with the Dean of the Oklahoma City University Law School.  As I told him, every time you have a spay/neuter clinic for 30 pets at least 30 dogs and 30 cats are “getting together” and in short order there will be lots of puppies and kittens.  Sooo you have to transfer – – but you also have to have consistent (ideally weekly) spay/neuter clinics to get ahead of the over population (ie flood).

It is possible …. It can be done….. PAAS has a business model that works for rural communities that face over populations of dogs and cats.  I could not be more proud of the PAAS team and the supporters and investors who believe in us.  It is rewarding, amazing and life-changing for us and the dogs and cats who come through our doors.

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