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Learning to LIKE numbers



By the numbers was never a favorite phrase of mine until three years ago.  At first, I was not what you would call an enthusiastic student  when it came to keeping track of dogs transferred, municipal partner shelters, number of spay/neuters, number of spay/neuter clinics, cost per animal, and lots of other “numbers”.

Even though today I sometimes drive the staff bonkers because I wrote a number down and can’t find it, someone sent me an email with the numbers I needed and I did not file it appropriately….lots of excuses… but the reality is numbers matter.

It started with shelter animals count – – – you enter the statistical information, by month, and everyone who’s a member can see the results.  Frankly, it is one of the most important websites for any organization involved in animal rescue.  Funders check it out  – – as do your colleagues in the world of rescue.  Honestly, it means you’re making your information available to anyone who accesses the website.

The flip side is – – – suddenly the numbers show just the progress you’ve made and that’s a good thing.  For PAAS, it is the number of dogs who make the trip to Colorado….. and it is our partners who join our Coalition on Shelter Animals Count.  The numbers have to add up.  Then, when you get the privilege of having spay/neuter clinics on a regular basis, the numbers begin to really make you smile.

Yes, I like numbers.  Yes, you’re never to old to learn something new.  Yes they measure our success and that success is available online – – – for everyone.

Our goal is for 2020 to be our best year yet.  Stay tuned.

Free Spay / Neuter Services

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Coalition for Tulsa Pets

TULSA, OK – Animal Balance, a global nonprofit whose mission is to collaborate with communities in need to create sustainable and humane animal management programs in order to prevent suffering and ignite social change, will partner with the Coalition for Tulsa Pets to provide free spay/neuter services for dogs in the greater Tulsa area.

A total of three clinics will be held in 2020, with the first clinic running from January 10th through the 13th, 2020 at the Tulsa SPCA located at 2910 Mohawk Blvd in Tulsa. Free sterilization and vaccinations will be provided for dogs whose families would not otherwise be able to afford this service. Funding for this program is being provided by the Arnall Family Foundation. Appointments are required. See below for more information on scheduling.

Animal Balance will be bringing in a specialized “MASH” team of volunteer veterinary medical professionals to the community to perform surgeries and training for local animal welfare organizations. The model provides immediate relief while leaving a sustainable system in place for long-term success.

“Once we learned that the city of Tulsa was facing a massive backlog in spay/neuter surgeries resulting in a low live release rate at the local open admission shelter, Animal Balance decided to reach out to local organizations to find out if assistance was needed. The response from the leadership of the local coalition was very positive and the efforts began to make Tulsa a project under Animal Balance USA,” stated Emma Clifford, Director and Founder of Animal Balance.

The MASH clinics are expected to take place in January, March and April with dates and locations for the March and April clinics coming soon. To learn more and to schedule your dog for a free spay/neuter surgery, please contact Tulsa Animal Welfare by calling 918-596-7387 (PETS) or emailing [email protected]. Appointments will be available on a first come, first served basis beginning on 12/9/19.

About Animal Balance:

Animal Balance was founded in 2004 and has worked in 12 countries around the world in addition to working in underserved areas of the USA. We provide humane population management strategies and empower communities by addressing cat and dog overpopulation at the root cause. We believe communities within the United States and throughout the world wish to embrace cats and dogs and protect them with kindness and compassion. Through this foundational belief, we strive to protect the human-animal bond.

About the Arnall Family Foundation:

Founded in 2015, The Arnall Family Foundation seeks to make lasting, transformative improvements to systems and programs through results-driven investments and strategic convening of community partners. The Arnall Family Foundation focuses on progressing meaningful criminal justice reform, improving the child welfare system and advancing companion animal welfare in the state of


About The Coalition for Tulsa Pets:

The Coalition for Tulsa Pets is a collaborative effort by The Humane Society of Tulsa, Tulsa Animal Welfare and Tulsa Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to develop and execute a community plan to increase the live release rate at Tulsa Animal Welfare and provide comprehensive and sustainable services for the pets in the City of Tulsa. Coalition Programs Focus On:

- Public Access to Free and Low Cost Spay and Neuter Services – Pets for Life: A Community Diversion and Education Program – Community Cat Program
– Community Pet Adoptions

- Out of State Transport for Adoptable Pets

4 Best Apps for First-Time Dog Owners

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Apps Article 2

4 Best Apps for First-Time Dog Owners

by Nick Burton

You’ve just brought home your first dog. You’ve got the basic supplies — food, bed, leash, maybe even a cute holiday dog costume wardrobe. But being a dog owner is also about training, monitoring your pet’s habits, and keeping track of your pet’s medical information for the vet and any temporary caretakers. So to give you a hand, we assembled our favorite apps to put everything you need at your fingertips.

Apps Article

Image courtesy of Unsplash


iTrainer Dog Whistle and Clicker

The iTrainer app comes with a bundle that combines a dog whistle with squeaky sounds, over 40 animal sounds, and a training clicker. You can also use the app to record commands, phrases like “Want to go for a walk?” or any other sounds you choose in order to entertain and educate your pup. The app is easy to use and will help you get your dog trained in no time.


Paw Tracks

With the Paw Tracks pet tracker, you can track all your dog’s activities. The app tracks the time and distance of your dog’s walks, as well as who walks them. You can also use Paw Tracks to log your dog’s meals and bathroom habits. Paw Tracks includes a GPS tracker, but it’s also great for storing and sharing health data or any other important information to family and caretakers.


Dog Monitor and Pet Cam by Annie

CNET notes Annie’s Dog Monitor and Pet Cam is a reliable, feature-rich app. You can monitor up to four pets at once on any device, and if there is a Wi-Fi outage, it will keep searching for a signal and reconnect automatically. The app comes with full-screen video and has long reach when there’s an available network. The app also works well when viewed with a front or back camera and with your device’s night light feature.



Don’t forget to feature your new dog on this year’s holiday cards! Celebrate your dog ownership by designing your very own animated greetings. Product Hunt explains Say BARK! is an app that lets you create cards starring your very own lovable pup. You just need to take a photo of your dog, then select one of the humorous filters that comes with the app. Add an audio message or record your own, and finally, share your original, animated card with all your friends.


Word of Warning

When you’re in the midst of checking on your dog’s health, or even creating a hilarious greeting card, the last thing you want to have happen is for your phone to freeze up. If you’re using an older smartphone, you might need to upgrade your phone or plan to keep your apps all running smoothly.

Thankfully, new phones are out in abundance. For instance, you can find Samsung models to fit any budget, and some service providers offer packages which include an Echo Dot and unlimited data. Apple fans can check out the new Apple iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 comes with wide and ultra-wide lenses that let you crop and zoom after you take the photo, and the new video feature QuickTake will have you capturing every moment with your new pup.

Remember, dog ownership entails more than stocking up on doggy equipment and dressing your pup to the nines. Add some apps to your phone and take some time to learn about dog health and training. With a bit of effort and engagement, your pup will be a healthy, happy canine good citizen, and you’ll be able to take the best possible care of your new furry family member.

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Tulsa SPCA Teams Up with Southern Agriculture for 2019 PAWsh Palaces Fundraiser

Second Annual PAWsh Palaces event reminds Tulsa pet owners to provide shelter for pets with fundraiser located at stores throughout Green Country



Sheldon plays at the Tulsa SPCA after he was rescued by the agency’s Cruelty Investigator. Sheldon was chained up without shelter until his owner surrendered him to the Tulsa SPCA. Sheldon was neutered, fully vetted and microchipped before he was adopted. Photo by Angela Rodriguez | Tulsa SPCA

Tulsa, Oklahoma (Saturday, Nov. 2) – The second annual PAWsh Palaces fundraising event starts today. Six palaces are on display at Southern Agriculture locations in Tulsa and surrounding communities. The public is invited to vote for their favorite dog house or pet furniture. Each $5 vote enters the donor to win the house they voted on. Voting takes place online at Saturday, Nov. 2 through Saturday, Dec. 7. This event helps us improve the lives of dogs and cats, and their human companions. Dogs like Sheldon (above).

Sheldon lived his life on a chain without proper shelter or protection until our cruelty investigator rescued him in June. Despite the Tulsa SPCA’s efforts to promote awareness, dogs like Sheldon are forced to suffer outside in the sweltering heat of summer or the deep freeze of winter.

One way we promote awareness of the life-saving importance of pet shelter is our annual PAWsh Palaces event – a collaborative effort between our agency, Tulsa architecture firms, builders and two student groups. This competition celebrates innovative design and our family pets. These teams come together and design one-of-a-kind doghouses, cat patios and indoor pet furniture.

PAWsh Palaces are on display at these Southern Agriculture locations:


Rosewood Retreat

Pet Furniture

Architect: Davies Architects

Builder: Cowen Construction

Location: 92nd ST N. & HWY 169 | Owasso
The Fur Seasons

Dog House

Architect: JCJ Architects

Builder: KBI Construction

Location: 90th & Elm | Broken Arrow

Pet Furniture

Architect: Tri-Arch

Builder: Builders Unlimited, Inc.

Location: 71st & Sheridan | Tulsa

Pet Furniture

Architect: SWE Architects

Builder: Goodwin Company

Location: 78th & HWY 75 | Tulsa Hills
Student Entries


Ruff Housers

Dog House

Student Team: Oklahoma State University

Student Builders: Freedom by Design OSU

Location: 71st & Lynn Lane | Broken Arrow



Pet Furniture

Student Team: Tulsa Tech

Student Builders: Tulsa Tech Drafting and Design Students

Location: 26th & Harvard | Tulsa





About Tulsa SPCA

Since 1913 the Tulsa SPCA has been working with Northeastern Oklahoma animal lovers to protect dogs and cats in our community. Together, we’ve saved animals from homelessness, illness, and abuse. We’ve provided these services while being completely funded by private donations. We are not an affiliate of the ASPCA, nor do we receive government assistance. Community support is critical in helping the Tulsa SPCA to continue providing these critical services to our community.

TulsaPets Mag Nov / Dec 2019

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TulsaPets Nov/Dec 2019

TulsaPets Magazine  Nov / Dec 2019

Publisher – Marilyn King  [email protected]

Creative Director – Sally Roper

Advertising Sales – Marilyn King, Steve Kirkpatrick, Rosalie Childs

Web Manager – Steve Kirkpatrick  [email protected]

Editor – Anna Holton-Dean

Contributing Writers – Marilyn King, Lauren Cavagnolo, Lisa Dingle, Kim Doner, Anna Holton-Dean

PO Box 14128 Tulsa, OK 74159-1128

(918) 520-0611

(918) 346-6044 Fax

©2019 All rights reserved.

No part of this publication may be reproduced without the express written consent of the publisher.

TulsaPets Magazine provides Tulsa area pet owners with a one-stop resource for local products, services, events and information.  Now TulsaPets Magazine Online is able to provide you with all of that and much more, interactive and up-to-the-minute!

Meet Bean, shop dog at Whitty Books

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Shoppers at Whitty Books in the Kendall-Whittier district may have noticed a new helper in the shop in the last six months.

Bean is a year-and-a-half old pitbull mix who recently adopted Whitty Books owners Victoria Moore and fiance Julian DeLesDernier.

“We’ve had Bean a little over 6 months now,” Victoria said via email. “In addition to the store being in Kendall-Whittier, we also live in the neighborhood. Bean had been loose in the area for a few days, but no one had been able to get her to come to them, because she was scared and she is FAST. One night, when the temperature was about 17 degrees, she showed up outside the fence at our house. It took a few hours, but we finally got her to trust us enough to scoop her up and bring her in from the cold.”

At first Bean was very timid and mild-mannered, Victoria said, and she would bring her to the shop every day.

“As she has gotten more comfortable, she’s gotten a little bit rowdier, so now she is up here about half of the time!” Victoria explained. “I’m so happy she’s come out of her shell but now that she has, we’ve got a few things to work on, so she’s going to classes at Spirit Ranch now.”

Bean lounging in the shop. Photo provided

Bean lounging in the shop. Photo provided

Bean, whose favorite treat is literally anything, can often be found snoozing on top of the couch cushions by the window in the shop.

“Bean likes to greet customers, and is convinced that everyone who walks through the door has a treat for her,” Victoria said. “Most of our customers seem to love her.”  

“Like the store, Bean is a work in progress,” Victoria said. “She’s a rescue, so she has some quirks, but she’s so sweet and we’re happy to have added her to our little family.”

Whitty Bookstore

2407 E. Admiral Blvd.

Store hours

Tuesday – Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Sunday 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Lauren Cavagnolo, [email protected]

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