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Publisher’s Letter

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Publishers LetterIt’s hard to believe 2014 marks the eighth year of publication of TulsaPets Magazine.  A big thanks to all of the advertisers who support this mission, to all the readers, and to all the good people who have a hand in making this magazine happen! A huge shout out of thanks is in order!

These two handsome cover lads are Toby and Howie. I’ve always wanted Dalmatians on the cover, and who better to fulfill my wish than my friend and Dalmatian fancier Nancy Gallimore. These boys are her personal pets and are well-behaved, beautiful dogs. They were a treasure to photograph and we hope you enjoy!

This issue has also morphed into a Dalmatian issue, as we feature another Dal named “Chip,” who has an interesting tale to tell. Read all about him in Nancy’s article on page 8.

We’re also introducing Goldie, another Tulsa “star.” She’s TU’s new golden mascot and takes the stage by winning hearts wherever she goes. Enjoy her read.

We wanted to get a little educational so we’ve included a story about one of man’s oldest professions—the art of the farrier, one who shoes horses.  It’s a centuries old trade, a huge necessity, and more common than one would think.

As you thumb through this issue, don’t forget to read Ruth Steinberger’s great, practical ideas to help animals in 2014. If everyone could take her advice and practice even a few of these suggestions, we could make great strides against animal cruelty and unwanted litters of animals. To Ruth, thank you.

We have lots of fun and exciting things planned for 2014, so stay tuned.  We wish everyone a very wonderful and safe 2014.

Marilyn King & Sam

P.S. We’ve added the local rescue organizations back into the Directory after some feedback asking to include them in the magazine. Please help us keep this updated by sending any corrections, additions, or deletions to [email protected] .

Publisher’s Letter November 2013

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by Marilyn King

We’ve all been as busy as little Christmas elves getting this November/December issue to the press. It’s been a lot of fun, and I think you’ll like the stories that we’ve included.

I’ve always wanted to have a DNA test done on my dog, but wondered if they are really valid. Nancy Werhane’s article answers my question. And, I do have one confession. Elmer in the article is my mutt puppy, and I fully believe, after getting his results, that he is exactly what the report says: Weimaraner, Shar Pei and Samoyed. We were pretty certain about the Shar Pei, but not the other two breeds. It was a fun experiment.

Also in this issue, Kiley Roberson pens a poignant article with good, solid advice for soon-to-be pet owners. To avoid heartbreak, guilt and regrets, every person thinking about adopting a pet needs to read this. It’s so unfair to adopt then decide it’s a bad decision.

Next up is the University of Tulsa’s Paw Law group. I’ve known about them for a few years, but never really knew details. I’m thrilled to report to you what they are doing to help our animals, and you can expect updates on this group in future issues. I’m also hoping they can contribute editorially from time to time. Thank you to the Paw Law for your interviews and time!

And so, you ask, who is this handsome fellow on the cover? This is my Sam, TulsaPets Magazine’s mascot. He was featured on my cover five years ago when he was 2, and I wanted to feature him one more time in his all too short life. He’s actually been a big help to the magazine over the years, being thrown into photo shoots and extras since day one. He’s also the best dog I have ever had. He’s totally devoted to me, and the only “bad” thing he has ever done was to chew the lid off a bottle of Aquafina when he was little. I love you, Sam, now and until forever.

And last, but most certainly not least, I am pleased to announce that Deb Watson Fite is now providing graphic design for TulsaPets Magazine. Deb brings a wealth of design experience to the magazine, and we’re proud to have her. Welcome, Deb!

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Stay safe, Merry Christmas, and have the happiest of New Years!

Publishers Letter – September 2013

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Dear Pet Lover:

TulsaPets Magazine’s prime mission is, and always has been, to stress the importance of spay and neuter and adopting a pet, rather than purchasing a pet. It’s because of this mission that this issue’s cover features an unknown pup from Tulsa Animal Welfare.

We’re not sure if it’s a boy or a girl, or if he or she is even still alive. This pup was featured as part of our “Wednesday’s Children” installment— weekly photos taken by our shelter photographer Bob Foshay for our website segment The Shelter Report. And since this issue features editorial about sheltered pets, I thought a real sheltered dog should grace the cover.

My purpose in featuring this pup is to show there are good dogs—great dogs—at shelters that just don’t have a home for a million reasons. This pup’s expression tugs at my heartstrings, as you can see the plea for help. So please, the next time you are bringing a new animal into your home, save a shelter dog and rescue.

In line with this cover’s theme is our story on Animal Control Officers. We want to set the record straight as to what an ACO can and cannot do and outline the specific job functions. Can you call them to get Felix out of the neighbor’s tree? Good information for us pet lovers to know!

Also, I’m intrigued by the practice of Reiki, as told by Lauren Cavagnolo, in this issue. Anything that can calm worried shelter dogs to make them more adoptable is worth trying. I know that Reiki works, and I hope you enjoy learning more about this ancient Japanese practice.

Nonetheless, we hope you like this September issue and pass it along to your family and friends. For a bit of housekeeping news, we have omitted the Directory listings of local rescue organizations from our printed magazine but have kept the listings online. In this format they’re just a click away and are updated as needed on the tulsapetsmagazine.com website to bring you the most accurate information.

Enjoy this wonderful fall season, and in the interim, we’ll be cooking up a good November issue for you!

Publisher’s Letter

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Dear Pet Loving Reader:

“Warm greetings” from Midtown Tulsa! That’s right; the dog days of summer are upon us, so please be mindful of your pet’s safety. Pavements are hot and parked cars are even hotter so keep Fido and Fluffy at home when you’re out on these hot days.

We auctioned this issue’s cover, and I am pleased to introduce “Doogie” as our featured cover star. His dog person Suzette Birch was the high bidder in our online cover contest, and her generous donation will benefit StreetCats. (Here’s a picture of Suzette presenting her check to Linda Holland, StreetCats’ Treasurer.) TulsaPets Magazine is proud to be able to give back in this way, helping to raise money for our local animal organizations.

Doogie is a rescue and hails from ARF—our local Animal Rescue Foundation. Adopted in 2010, Doogie is now 5 years old. When Doogie first joined the Birch household, Suzette’s husband Randy said “good choice,” but now when he speaks of Doogie, he tells Suzette, “great choice.”

Doogie is much loved and even his groomer Gene Blake at Aurora Kennel threw everything in the bottom drawer to groom Doogie for his big photo shoot. Gene was also leaving for Sweden that same day, en route to judge a dog show!

TulsaPets Magazine extends a big thank you to Suzette for her participation and generous contribution to our local animal community.

On to the contents of this issue: I am excited to help get the word out about a wonderful program called “A Friend for a Friend.” This group helps people with AIDS care for their dogs in many, many ways. I was unaware of its existence until a few months ago and was surprised to learn it’s been around for 22 years! They have done great things to help many in need.

Also, we’ve done the research for you and have included nearby pet friendly “getaways” in this issue that welcome families with Fidos. Since summer is here and vacation is on the brain, we thought this would be a good resource for some nearby fun.

Please take a moment to check out these varied and interesting destination spots. They are also featured in in-depth listings on our website, www.tulsapetsmagazine.com/directory, where you can view pictures and videos, menus, room rates, etc. Happy vacationing!

Thank you for picking up this copy of TulsaPets Magazine. We’ve got plenty in store for our next issue so look for us back on the stands in September.

Publisher’s Letter – May 2013

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By Marilyn King

Dear Pet Loving Reader:

Howdy from Midtown Tulsa!

I feel like I’m one lucky dog to be able to feature another Simone on my front cover. My very first issue that debuted in January of 2007 featured the original Simone, the companion Golden Retriever at Saint Simeon’s Senior Living Community. Since her passing, she has been replaced by Simone II, who is filling the footsteps of the former Simone in fine fashion. I have met Simone II a few times, and when I think of her, I think gentle, sweet soul. She’s a treasure, and a gorgeous thing to boot! The folks at Saint Simeon’s are so very lucky to have her.

On to the other articles in this issue. Do pet food labels confuse you? They seem mindboggling to me. Nancy Werhane and the vets at the 15th Street Vet Group will help debunk the food label mystique and clarify what’s what. Be sure to read the article.

I was saddened to read this issue’s bittersweet Cat Tale. My heart ached when I saw the photo of the poor cat and its belongings packed outside the door like yesterday’s trash, waiting for a foster pickup. I pity the poor animals whose lives are entrusted to such careless humans. Luckily, this girl had a happy ending.

We’re going strong on our online cover auction, and it’s not too late to place your bid! As of this writing, the high bid is $400, so if you want a chance for your pet to be featured on the cover of our July issue, visit our website and place your bid. The winning bid proceeds go to our local StreetCats.

I would be remiss if I didn’t wish the Tulsa SPCA a very happy 100th birthday! What an interesting history of so many years of helping the animals. Thank you and happy birthday, Tulsa SPCA!

We’ll be announcing our July cover winner on May 31, so stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for that announcement. Thanks for all who made this issue possible, and enjoy!

Publisher’s Letter

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Dear Pet Peeps,

I’m sitting here writing this letter on a dark December day and very much anticipating 2013. I’m thrilled to say it will be my 7th year of publication, and I look forward to many more! I am also especially excited about the stories we have brought to you in this issue!

While I did not get to meet the Gypsy Vanner horses, Sherri assures me they are even more magnificent than their photos. I hope you enjoy reading about them and their interesting heritage.

I did, however, have the supreme pleasure of meeting Penelope, the mini potbellied pig. What a fun thing that was! She scoots around in the kennel shop where she spends her days and goes so fast her back legs give out on her; she scrambles to keep up with the dogs. When she gets a belly rub, she smiles, and when Heather picked her up for her photo, she made very loud oinks—she definitely wants her feet on solid ground!

Meeting Brooke, the sweet Dalmatian pup, was also a treat. What a smart and fearless girl! She’s as curious as a 2-year old child and makes friends with everybody. I know Nancy’s article on house training her will help new pet owners. I’ve already sent it to a few friends in need.

Also, I plan to make a vow and abide by the New Year’s resolutions in Anna’s article. More walks and daily pet teeth brushing are definitely in Elmer & Sam’s future. As they say, prevention is the best medicine, and I hope we all incorporate these pet tips into our lives in 2013.

Let’s make this a year of greater awareness of the pet overpopulation problem. Awareness brings change! The City of Tulsa’s shelter puts down, on average, 350 dogs and 250 cats per month, and that is just one shelter in one city. Please encourage adoption and spaying and neutering, so we can work toward an end to this senseless killing!

We’ll be doing another auction of our front cover in 2013, so watch for more details coming soon on our website! Also, please stay tuned to our website for daily pet news, and tell your friends to like us on Facebook.

I hope everyone has a most happy and prosperous 2013. With warmest wishes,

Marilyn King

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