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The health and social benefits of pet ownership

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Tom Clarke , Marketing Executive –  Greyhounds As Pets

health and social benefits of pet ownership

Collaboration – it works

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Collaboration and social media are powerful and they validate the proverb “It takes a village to raise a child”. It applies to rescue as well.  Downtown Oklahoma City is an example – – today it is a vibrant place – – 16 years ago – – there was blowing dust and vacant buildings.  PAAS recently used both collaboration and social media to help some adorable, cute, funny, fantastic dogs.  It started with a connection made more than a year ago.  The result was 13 puppies will have new homes, information will be shared via social media and three rescues, lots of volunteers – especially Tom the bus driver – -are now connected to build a wider net to save more dogs.


If collaboration was embraced by more rescues, more dogs and cats could be saved, more adoptive homes discovered and the synergy that comes from collaboration would significantly change the face of rescue.  When you are passionate about rescue, it can be challenging to work together – – but  the dogs and cats do not carewho saves them – – they just want someone to step up.

Kay Stout, Executive Director – PAASVinita  – – e:  [email protected]  918-256-7227

Get involved to make a difference.

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by Kay Stout, Executive Director – – PAASVinita

Every day we receive calls from concerned citizens about neglected, abused, unwanted, homeless animals.  Here’s how you – – you reading this – – can help.

First, contact your local police/sheriff so you know the law for your area.  Then, follow it.  If it’s the water department, the police department, the sheriff’s office – – wherever it is – – just DO IT!!!


Once you’ve made the complaint, then the authorities can investigate.  Rescue organizations want to help, immediately, but we shouldn’t.  It’s against the law and not worth risking our entire rescue operation.  We sometimes lose sight of the fact that we can’t save all of them, but the reality is we can’t.  We can, however, save more if you – the concerned citizen and animal lover – – do your part to help us begin the rescue process for those animals who have no voice and need someone to step up and help them.


Remember – it starts with you – you doing the right thing. And, as always, it really starts with fewer puppies and kittens – – which means Spay/Neuter – – it’s the right thing to do.

Bark in the Park tonight! June 17th 7:05pm

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McElroy Monday


Join the Drillers for the first installment of City Vet Hospital Bark and Park, presented by Tulsa SPCA and City of Tulsa, Save our Streams this Wednesday, June 17th at 7:05p. Gates open at 6p and fans with dogs should present their shot records at the Oil Derrick or Arvest Entrance to gain entry with their furry friends. All dogs must be on a leash and fans with dogs will need to purchase lawn or terrace tickets for that evening’s game! The Drillers will have relief and watering stations on site!

Tickets are available at

Why they say no.

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by Kay Stout

When you call a rescue and they are unable to take your animal – or one you’ve found – the following may give you a glimpse into why they said “no”.

#1)  There is no space available.  We understand someone  has been completely irresponsible and dumped an animal (or animals) in your yard – there are no easy fixes or answers.  From a humane point of view, if you can see that the animals have access to food and water, use social media to help find them a new home – that would be wonderful.  If you find a rescue that can take them in a few weeks, please understand why there is a waiting period.  This is not an ideal world.  If it was – there would be few (if any) owner surrenders and everyone who called would bring us an animal who truly needed a home.

#2  Same story – 200th verse  Spay and Neuter your pets – – all of them.  It is the only way we’ll stop the heartbreak of homeless dogs and cats desperate to be rescued.

#3  There are good people in this world.  Those of us in rescue have met many of them – and work with them as well.  It’s what gives all rescuers the heart to continue to save as many as we can.

Kay Stout is the Director of  Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter – PAAS – in Vinita

Broken Arrow Animal Control – Wednesday’s Children

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Foshay Photographers

TulsaPets Magazine toured the Broken Arrow Animal Control shelter and took these pictures of adorable animals available for adoption. If you are thinking about a new family member, please consider saving the life of a homeless animal!

Visit the shelter and take home a new best friend!

Foshay Photographers

Make a difference – adopt a shelter animal!

All of these pictures were taken Friday, April 24th, by Bob Foshay

The Broken Arrow Shelter is open to the public: Monday – Friday 11:30 – 5:45

& Saturday 10:00 – 3:00. Closed Sundays and some City holidays.

Dogs and cat adoptions are $60.00

Broken Arrow Animal Control Shelter

4121 E. Omaha Street

Broken Arrow, OK 74014


This Week’s Wednesday’s Children available from the City of Broken Arrow Animal Control Shelter.   There are some beautiful dogs and cats for adoption so please go rescue one today! Rescued pets make the best companions!!!  A big “THANKS” is owed to Bob Foshay for doing what he does every week!

* Pictured Animals may no longer be available