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Urgent Help Needed Today for Starved Horses!

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URGENT-85 starving horses being seized today need emergency care




Oklahoma Alliance for Animals has been asked by law enforcement officials to assist in the emergency care of 85 severely starved and mistreated horses that are being seized today.

We cannot turn our back on these horses.

Please help us help them. Donations of horse feed and monetary donations are desperately needed. Oklahoma Alliance for Animals is working closely with law enforcement on this case. Details and photos will be released later and the perpetrator will be charged with animal cruelty.



Mail donations to:


Oklahoma Alliance for Animals

2642 East 21st Street, Ste. 120

Tulsa, OK  74114


Or you may phone OAA at (918) 742-3700


Thank you for all you do for animals!

Welcome new advertiser: Budget Dog Wash

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Welcome to Budget Dog Wash


Fiesta for the Animals

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Title: Fiesta for the Animals
Location: El Chico at 71st & Mingo
Link out:
Click here

Description: Go to dinner as usual at El Chico at 71st & Mingo on August 10th between 5:00 and 10:00.  When you order tell the waitress that you want to HELP THE ANIMALS and El Chico will donate 10% of your total food and drink purchases (even Margaritas!) to Partnering for Pets to HELP THE ANIMALS.  Call all of your friends and have them meet you there!

Start Time: 5:00 End Time: 10:00 Date: 2009-08-10

A Letter to Lost Pet Owners

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Emails received by TulsaPets Magazine on 7/20/09:


Well, I’ve never claimed to be the brightest bulb on the pole….but I did learn a lesson.


When that parrot flew off, I put an ad in the newspaper, and craigs list, put up flyers, and posted on Parrot 911 Alert.  I don’t know where these people saw the ads but I got a call from a guy with Pet Finders.  He said they map out where the pet was lost and can make phone calls to everyone in a certain area. The bigger the area you pay for the more phone calls. Being the distraught, stressed out, idiot I was, I said okay and paid them for a 20 block area. That was on Thurs. July 9th in the morning and we got the bird back about five hours later. I called them the next day and told them what happened and he said he would adjust the charge. Well as of today he didn’t. In the meantime I read about this company’s scam….they never do what they say they will. So I looked them up on the Nevada Better Business Bureau. Oh my gosh…it was quite an eye opener. They have an F rating and so many complaints it would take a calculator to add them all up. The reason I bring this up, I think it would be a helpful bit of info for the pet owning public to know about these things in case they have a lost pet and are contacted by these types of businesses. Parrot 911 Alert has all the info about these scams and I just couldn’t believe it. But then, I’m very naive sometimes. The money I spent wasn’t that much to me…heck I would’ve paid three times that much but as it turned out there were two very kind, honest ladies that got him and took him to the vet. Anyway, I’m going to see if this guy does in fact give me a credit…if not I will file a complaint with my cc company.

Later that day in a follow up email:

I also just got off the phone with my cc company and they said I have the right to file a dispute if they don’t give me credit on the charge like he said he would.  They have an address that I got from the BBB in Nevada. Was going to send you the link to the report but the bbb site is messed up and I can’t get it to come up again. I did print it all off though.

Again later that day in a follow up email:

Marilyn:  Here’s the web site.  The phone number is the one I called and talked to the same guy that called me. His name is Steve. They are in Henderson Nevada…the charge on my credit card says that’s where they’re from.

Volunteers Needed for Adopt A Little Okie Today!

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                       Calling all Volunteers: Help needed Saturday, July 25th for “Adopt a Little Okie Today!”



Adopt a Little Okie Today!


Please volunteer this coming Saturday, July 25th for “Adopt a Little Okie Today!” You’ll be rewarded with lots of wags and kisses, but the true reward is knowing you helped a friend in need to find a forever home. Tulsa Animal Welfare pets need our help, volunteers are needed to help greet the public and match adopting families with wonderful dogs and cats.


Please contact Jenny at OAA by Thursday to Volunteer or for more info at:




2nd Qtr. AKC 2009 Community Achievement Awards

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This award is given to clubs and AKC federations and their members who have made outstanding contributions to public education or canine legislation activities. Each honoree receives an AKC Certificate of Recognition and the AKC donates $1,000 to each honoree’s club or federation. Details about the honorees’ accomplishments are published in the AKC GAZETTE and featured on the AKC Website. The second quarter honorees are:
Bakersfield Obedience Training Club, Lori Finlayson of the Mid-Continent Kennel Club of Tulsa, Karen Gibson, Delegate, Penn Ridge Kennel Club, Marieann Gladstone, Delegate