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Tulsa Community College Veterinary Technology Center

posted April 21st, 2009 by
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The student association at Tulsa Community College Vet Tech Center has purchased a bullet-proof vest for Timmi – a canine officer with the Sand Springs Police Department.    Officer Timmi, a six-year old German Shepherd, is partnered with human officer Mark Willits.   Timmi is often the first responder on a crime or bomb scene when the circumstances are too dangerous for a human to enter.  

The student association raised money for the vest by having pot luck meals and bake sales.   The vest is “Level 2 Ballistic Proof” and weighs 5-1/2 pounds.

Thanks to TCC’s vet tech student association for helping to make the streets of Sand Springs safer for its community!

Cody Wayne Hahn Trial Update

posted April 1st, 2009 by
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Story by Marilyn King

An arraignment was held in Creek County on March 30th wherein Cody Wayne Hahn was formally charged with animal abuse.   He is accused of dragging a dog behind his SUV, in October 2008, for about one mile at speeds of up to 70 mph.   The dog, later named Sammy, was nearly skinned alive.   The judge set a motion hearing for the Hahn trial for June 24th at 9:00 a.m., and his arraignment in District Court is July 30th at 9:30 a.m.   Both events are at the Creek County Courthouse, 222 E. Dewey, Sapulpa.    Meanwhile, a press conference was held today wherein it was disclosed that the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals along with the Oklahoma Humane Federation is posting a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the wherabouts of a supposed woman with Cody Hahn on that date, who motioned the dog and helped secute him to the bumper.   Anyone with any information on this case please call the Creek County Sheriff’s Office at 224-4964.   Here are pictures of Sammy who although suffered horrific injuries, is recovering and is a happy sweet boy!!!

Hospice of Green Country offers “Pet Peace of Mind”

posted March 18th, 2009 by
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New, unique hospice program targets pet peace of mind


Hospice of Green Country, a non-profit United Way supported hospice, has launched a new program that provides patients with the peace of mind of knowing their pets will be cared for when they are unable to physically or financially.

“Pet Peace of Mind” is unique to hospice care in that it targets hospice patients who are unable to maintain appropriate routine health care and nutrition for their animal companions due to medical expenses or caregiver disability. Development and oversight of the program is led by Hospice of Green Country’s director of spiritual care, Delana Taylor, who is also a veterinarian no longer in private practice.

“Because Hospice of Green Country cares for the whole family, not just the patient, we recognized the need to develop this innovative program,” Taylor said. “Numerous studies have shown that pets are considered family members. Many times, part of a patient’s “unfinished business” as they near the end of their life journey involves knowing their animal companions will be cared for after they die.”

Some ways Pet Peace of Mind cares for patients and their pets include financial support for routine veterinary care to maintain pet health and decrease patient stress, spaying and neutering assistance, pet boarding or pet sitting services in case of patient hospitalization, pain and comfort medications for elderly pets and pet transportation to nursing facilities to visit owners. Hospice of Green Country will also network with local rescue organizations, veterinarians and animal welfare groups to provide pet care as needed.

Founding donors of Pet Peace of Mind are an anonymous donor; Ross Clark, DVM; the Hille Foundation and the Virgie and Cecil Burton Foundation.

For more information about Hospice of Green Country or how you can help Pet Peace of Mind, call 918-747-2273.

Cody Wayne Hahn

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At a preliminary hearing held March 11th at the Creek County (Sapulpa) Courthouse,  Judge Woolery ordered Cody Wayne Hahn to stand trial for the alledged dragging of a dog in October 2008.   He purportedly dragged the dog behind his SUV.   His arraignment will be March 30th at 9:30 a.m. at the Sapulpa Courthouse.   Please attend to show your stance on animal abuse!   222 E. Dewey, Sapulpa

Wheels of Hope Needs Your Help

posted March 10th, 2009 by
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Charles M. (Mike) Nobles

2746 South Hudson Avenue

Tulsa, OK 74114

(918) 747-4177

[email protected]


January 15, 2009


Dear Friend of Animals:


We desperately need your help!

For example:* The call for transportation assistance for two dogs in court custody that could be released to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah IF we could guarantee their safe delivery.

* The plea for assistance in transporting two animals, one with a broken leg, from Oklahoma City to Wichita, Kansas.

* The ever increasing calls for help in transporting dogs from puppy mills throughout the area. The conditions the animals are housed in will break your heart and one of the major problems in saving them is having the resources to quickly transport them to a safe environment.

We critically need a cargo van. Most animal rescue organizations simply can’t afford the type of vehicle it takes to transport numerous animals at one time in an emergency—moving such numbers takes a lot of space, much more than a typical car or SUV can provide. Kathy and I have volunteered for years with the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals (OAA), the “umbrella group” for numerous organizations that work endlessly to improve the lives of animals. One of OAA’s lesser-known activities is helping in animal transport, often in emergency situations. Unfortunately, OAA frequently lacks the resources to deal effectively with these calls.

We have joined with OAA to purchase a cargo van for what we’re calling “Wheels of Hope.” We need approximately $20,000 to purchase a van with the necessary equipment. “Wheels of Hope” will be available to area rescue organizations when needed. Buying and sharing one vehicle among these organizations makes economic sense—this will be a life saver for neglected, abused, and homeless animals.

Your financial support is desperately needed. We simply cannot do this without you. The OAA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and relies on volunteers and donations for its work. Please consider making a contribution and know that no amount is too small (or too
large!) and that every penny collected will be used to purchase the van and supplies…no money used for salaries, expenses, etc.

Please forward any contributions made payable to the OAA Wheels of Hope project to either Kathy & I or the OAA:

Jamee Suarez Howard
OAA Wheels of Hope Project
2642 East 21st Street
Suite 120
Tulsa, OK 74114

Thank you for considering this request. Many animals will be saved because of your generosity.



Mike and Kathy Nobles

Bird Fair

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The semi-annual Bird Fair was held March 7th at the Green Country Event Center, a wonderful new roomy location for the event!    Bird lovers turned out to view and purchase birds, raffle on some great prizes, peruse aisles of toys and new products, and see some of the most beautiful bird cages around.   A great time was had by all and bird lovers are looking forward to the event in September!