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July 7 2015 - March 28 2019

I have to say shyla was one of the best dogs I have ever owned, she was more than just a dog to me, she was apart of the family. Ever since she was a puppy I called her “pretty girl” she was sweet, loyal, and so much more! ☺️ She was like an anxiety relief dog for me and I will never forget her!

E. Cotner



3/14/11 - 6/6/18

Matt & I have nothing but gratitude for being able to share the past seven years with the sweetest, most loving, talented, joyful and adoring Newfoundland. He had a superpower that he’d use to make every single person he met feel special and loved. This talent was displayed over and over with the thousands of people he met. What might be a stranger to us was always his newest best friend. Whether that was a sick child in the hospital, a student at TU missing their dog back home, a homeless person down on their luck, his vets/techs, friends and family–he loved everyone. And we heard over and over that everyone loved Willis.

We are thankful for his outgoing and loving spirit that allowed us to meet so many new friends. And we know he touched thousands of people that will also be mourning with us. If we could comfort you the way he did, we’d do it in a heartbeat. But that power was his and his alone.

People all over Tulsa stopped us to take his picture and if you have a photo of him, I hope seeing it brings you joy.

Paige Casteel



10/1/2002 - 11/9/2017

Thunderbolt was a gaited Paint with the kindest eyes and calm personality. I sold him to a loving family in Bennington, Vermont in September, 2014 when we sold our ranch in Claremore, OK. He always greeted me with kisses for treats and followed me everywhere I went. The picture I am sharing is of him kissing me goodbye the day Abbey Spencer picked him up. The sweetest memory I have of him was when I sat down in the pasture and he grazed for a few minutes, them he laid down next to me, sighed and went to sleep. I leaned up next to him and did roo. He had severe colic starting November 8th, when Vermont had a warm day and during the night the temperature plummeted to below zero. Three other horses died of colic that same night. They did everything they could to save him but his pain was intolerable and he had to he put down. His new owners, Vernon and Jamie Rose Southworth are devastated as I am, too. Rest in peace Thunderbolt, you have your beloved horse buddy, To, to keep you company. RIP beautiful boy.

Mary Allen


Boo Baab

May 13, 2001 - June 21, 2016

Boo & Chance were inseparable! Boo loved his little brother so much. From the moment we rescued Chance, Boo took him under his wing & taught him about life. At the age of 8, we lost Chance to diabetes, just seventeen months to the date Boo took his last breath and met Chance on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge! Our family is heartbroken over the emptiness that has now filled our home, but find comfort in knowing that our little Cuddle Bug has been reunited with his Warrior.

Mindie Baab


Mr. Peabody

I would like to say what a wonderful pet Mr. Peabody (PeBo) was. He was so mistreated when he was in the puppy mill. Someone at some point had broken his jaw. I rescued him from ARF and found him to be a loving, gentle poodle. He had many health problems but I vowed to take care of him until he passed. He will never be forgotten and Mary, my other rescue misses him terribly. South Memorial Vet clinic loved him as much as I did. They had prepared to keep him at their clinic and are also sad that he has passed.

Pamela Bradford



2004 - 2014

I take comfort in knowing that he’s happy. I know there’s always a piece of him that will be in my heart. I know there’s a piece of him that will be in each and every one of his friend’s hearts. I know he has a million doggie and human friends waiting for him, and these are the things that matter.

So where do we go from here? I don’t know, but I’m going to take some advice from him. We’ll go day by day, moment by moment if we need, cherish the good moments, and eat cookies or cheese whiz in the bad. And the next time you are at your local shelter thinking about adopting a dog, look to the left of the adorable puppy, you may just see a white faced platty-pus dog that will change your life forever.


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