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Boo Baab

May 13, 2001 - June 21, 2016

Boo & Chance were inseparable! Boo loved his little brother so much. From the moment we rescued Chance, Boo took him under his wing & taught him about life. At the age of 8, we lost Chance to diabetes, just seventeen months to the date Boo took his last breath and met Chance on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge! Our family is heartbroken over the emptiness that has now filled our home, but find comfort in knowing that our little Cuddle Bug has been reunited with his Warrior.

Mindie Baab


Mr. Peabody

I would like to say what a wonderful pet Mr. Peabody (PeBo) was. He was so mistreated when he was in the puppy mill. Someone at some point had broken his jaw. I rescued him from ARF and found him to be a loving, gentle poodle. He had many health problems but I vowed to take care of him until he passed. He will never be forgotten and Mary, my other rescue misses him terribly. South Memorial Vet clinic loved him as much as I did. They had prepared to keep him at their clinic and are also sad that he has passed.

Pamela Bradford



2004 - 2014

I take comfort in knowing that he’s happy. I know there’s always a piece of him that will be in my heart. I know there’s a piece of him that will be in each and every one of his friend’s hearts. I know he has a million doggie and human friends waiting for him, and these are the things that matter.

So where do we go from here? I don’t know, but I’m going to take some advice from him. We’ll go day by day, moment by moment if we need, cherish the good moments, and eat cookies or cheese whiz in the bad. And the next time you are at your local shelter thinking about adopting a dog, look to the left of the adorable puppy, you may just see a white faced platty-pus dog that will change your life forever.



Ringo, “Mayor of the Brady District”

1999 - 6/8/2014

TULSA, Oklahoma – The 3-legged dog that greeted visitors and regulars alike to the Brady Arts District has died. Owner Steve Monroe said Ringo died in his sleep Sunday night. The Border Collie mix was 15.
Soundpony’s biggest selling T-shirt featured a picture of Ringo, also known as the “Mayor of the Brady District.” He even had a drink named after him at Brady Tavern.

Ringo lost a front leg to a gunshot wound eight years ago, but it didn’t stop him from being a star on First Friday and other events in the re-vitalized district.

“Everybody loved that dog,” Monroe said Monday.

“I’d like thank everybody in the neighborhood that’s been so good to him and given him so much love and attention.”

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The Brady District


Buster Brown

2003 - 05/21/2014

Buster was once the neighborhood cat until our family decided to take him in. He was a wonderful cat right from the start. If you had a hard day at work, he was there to comfort you and nuzzle in your lap. Being the only other male in the house, he was our protector. When I see the dented in couch cushions or the orange tufts of hair floating about, I will remember him and smile. Our little “Booty” was one of the best! Until we meet again, Buster. We love you!

Kaitlin Hiddle


Benson Westbrook

1-13-2013 - 8-15-2013

Benson, you lived such a short life but made such a big imprint on ours, and many others lives.  We could never replace you sweet Benny! You were the most unique puppy that always made me smile (sometimes not, because you hated being without us and often would destruct wherever we left you!)  You were a best friend, a road buddy and so much more. I’ve tried to make sense of why you were taken so young, but I figure i won’t ever get an answer. So what I take from it is, I am so grateful to have had you as a part of our family. You showed me loyalty, and protected us. We miss you more and more every day. You won’t be forgotten in this home. Nala (our cat, Benson’s best friend) misses you so much. Momma and poppa know you’re in heaven looking down on us smiling, We are smiling back! xoxo We love you buddy!

chloe spicer

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