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Buster Brown

2003 - 05/21/2014

Buster was once the neighborhood cat until our family decided to take him in. He was a wonderful cat right from the start. If you had a hard day at work, he was there to comfort you and nuzzle in your lap. Being the only other male in the house, he was our protector. When I see the dented in couch cushions or the orange tufts of hair floating about, I will remember him and smile. Our little “Booty” was one of the best! Until we meet again, Buster. We love you!

Kaitlin Hiddle


Benson Westbrook

1-13-2013 - 8-15-2013

Benson, you lived such a short life but made such a big imprint on ours, and many others lives.  We could never replace you sweet Benny! You were the most unique puppy that always made me smile (sometimes not, because you hated being without us and often would destruct wherever we left you!)  You were a best friend, a road buddy and so much more. I’ve tried to make sense of why you were taken so young, but I figure i won’t ever get an answer. So what I take from it is, I am so grateful to have had you as a part of our family. You showed me loyalty, and protected us. We miss you more and more every day. You won’t be forgotten in this home. Nala (our cat, Benson’s best friend) misses you so much. Momma and poppa know you’re in heaven looking down on us smiling, We are smiling back! xoxo We love you buddy!

chloe spicer



05/04/2011 - 02/27/2013

You danced into my life and gave me so much love,
You are my blessing, my gift from above.
You cared for me with tender eyes that could never judge,
You had a loyalty that would never budge.
My dancing baby girl, I hope you know I love you,
I loved you then, and now, and I know you love me too.
“Dance Baby Dance, Momma will see you soon! I love you and will never forget.”

It is in Gypsy’s honor that I ask everyone to please check the latches on your
gates. Make sure they cannot be opened by a dog jumping on them. Put a
lock thru the latches, walk your fence lines once a month for any openings.

Angela Jenkins


Montana Mtns Wild Side – “Mandy”

6/13/2005 - 3/22/2013

How can words adequately describe you? Canine Good Citizen and registered Therapy Dog. Matriarch of the fur family. Daddy’s girl and devoted companion. Quietly content just to be near and yet always keeping an alert eye. A barker at hoses and a “tugger” of pants. A big girl with a huge personality. You will always be in our hearts.

Amy, Larry, Bella and Twister



I remember the day I found G.G. She was pregnant, alone and eating out of a trash can. At first, I kept her in the backyard, which proved a fortunate choice. Her street-honed survival instincts caused her to growl aggressively when she saw my other dogs at the back door.
I had her spayed and the pregnancy aborted. When I brought her home from the vet, she tried to attack the other dogs through the glass storm door. But when I was alone with her, she was gentle and loving—and she had an endearing way of putting one of her paws on top of my hand as I patted her.
After a week, her aggressive behavior had not changed. I decided I couldn’t have my other dogs living in fear, so I called the animal shelter and told them I was bringing her in. As I went to the backyard to talk with her one last time, I realized I couldn’t go through with it. She was a good girl, and I loved her too much to let her be euthanized. We would find a way to make it work. So G.G. she became, and we were inseparable companions for 11 years.
Four months after I found her, I took G.G. fishing with me for the first time. After a couple of hours, I pulled the boat to the shore to let G.G. explore the bank. I tied one end of a long rope to her collar and the other end to a ring on my life vest. After a few minutes, G.G. bolted. She pulled so hard that she ripped the ring out of my life jacket and ran unfettered into the tall grass.
I chased after her, but within moments she ran out of sight. I feared she was gone forever. Downhearted, I hurried back to the boat to get the small container of dog food I brought with me. I vowed to stay at the lake all day, if necessary, walking through the tall grass, calling her name and shaking the food container in hopes of luring her to me. I had walked only 100 yards when G.G. came bounding out of the grass toward me. I did not have to seek her. She had already chosen me as her person.
Eventually, time took its toll on G.G. The leap into my bass boat became harder. She developed an enlarged heart. Two days before Christmas, as we were taking an afternoon walk, G.G. went into cardiac arrest. As she lay dying on the cold concrete, she gamely tried to pull herself up with her front legs. She could not. I leaned forward to comfort her, and as I did so, she reached out her paw and placed it on my hand to comfort me.

John Scott


Maggie of the Dell

November 4, 2007 - July 12, 2012

Maggie, I loved you more than anything. I never knew that morning in Okmulgee when we went walking around the lake that you would have a heat stroke. We had walked here in Mobile so many times in hotter temperatures. You were so brave little girl. I miss you more every day. Every day when I come home I can see you sitting at the gate waiting for me. And, every day I see you struggling to breathe in my car as I raced you to a vet clinic. The people at the Edmond Clinic in Morris and the Animal Emergency Center in Tulsa were so kind to you. Thank you for everything that you gave to me.


Jerre Brimer

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