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Bobbie Jo

Bobbie Jo

February 7, 1998 - January 28, 2010

This is the day that the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

How can this be the song on my lips and in my heart when I open my eyes on the morning I know we will lay our precious Bobbie Jo to rest? And then I realized… we have nearly thirteen years of life to celebrate and, by the grace of God, it has been a joyous time. We are just very sad to see it end.
Bobbie Jo was born in Oklahoma on February 7, 1998. She brought us great joy and even made us laugh through sometimes chaotic moves to Northern Germany, Houston, Arkansas, Washington and back to Arkansas again. She traveled to four countries and eighteen states in her short life! Bobbie Jo came to us at our time of ‘empty nesting’ and reaped the benefits, one of which was she never spent a night outside. Some would say she never really got to be a dog. We think she liked it that way!
Bobbie Jo loved to play in fallen leaves and in the snow. She loved her toys and never quite learned to share them…she was not aggressive about them, but would simply move them under the bed or to higher ground depending on who or what was a threat. Her favorite was a pink stuffed bunny (she actually had three…one of her own and the other two she snatched from Chelsea and The Babe and stashed under the bed!). She had very vocal and active dreams and we were entertained watching her sleep.
Bobbie Jo leaves behind a multitude of two legged friends who will miss her very much, her housemate yellow dog Sarah Beth, and Cupid, her very best doggy friend and swim buddy in Houston. Thanks to Drs. Kevin Christiansen, Julia Gillespie, Jayce Lineberger , Melinda Upton and all of their support staff who went above and beyond in helping us navigate cardiac challenges and cancer over the past three and a half years. Thanks also to our Sugar Creek Animal Hospital family who welcomed Bobbie Jo into their fold and helped care for and spoil her for the last year… she was quite content there.
Bobbie Jo died peacefully January 28, 2011 after a day of napping in the sun. Our hearts are heavy with this loss while we rejoice that Bobbie Jo brought such happiness into our lives!

Tim and Stephanie Ensley


Simone of Saint Simeon’s

7/1/1997 - 12/27/2010

I am sorry to announce the passing of Simone, our beloved Golden Retriever. She expired peacefully last night at the home of her best friend, Kathy Hinkle.

Simone came to us as a very young puppy and grew up here at Saint Simeon’s and in the homes of several foster parents, including Karen Stanhope. Her primary trainer was Brenda Reyman of the Life Enrichment Department, who took Simone all the way through her obedience training to graduation with her “Canine Good Citizen” award.

When living 24-hours a day in the Memory Center became too stressful, Simone moved home with our Director of Nursing, Carla Stokesberry. Simone began coming to work with Carla each day and making rounds with her. When Carla retired in 2006, Simone moved in with Kathy Hinkle, who has been her loving friend and caregiver.

Simone’s primary duty at Saint Simeon’s was to be a friend to the residents. She was especially fond of Patty Flint, who kept a special stash of dog treats for her consumption. Although she was officially a member of Life Enrichment, Simone never took a paycheck. She received her “payment” in hugs, pats and treats. In her role as mascot, Simone made appearances at all the major parties in the Home, as well as at Western Days, and was written up in the Tulsa World and Tulsa Pets magazines. She was also featured in many of the brochures used to promote Saint Simeon’s. A story about her and Simone II will appear in the January issue of Tulsa Pets.

We give heartfelt thanks to Dr. Paul Juen and all the doctors and staff at Chimney Hills Vets, who provided all Simone’s care and medicine since her puppyhood and never charged for any of it. They have been faithful friends and did all in their power to give her a full and healthy life.

Simone’s body will be cremated by Companions Forever Pet Memorial Service and returned to Saint Simeon’s. Her environmentally-friendly container is embedded with flower seeds and once it is buried will provide a living memorial for Simone on our grounds.

Kathy Hinkle



6/11/1999 - 11/7/2010

A Heart as Big as
All Outdoors

“Bozzie,” Int. & Am. CH

This one dog has through his eyes seen the world in therapy work, obedience, television appearances, presentations at conferences, magazine articles, articles in newspapers, and columns in newsletters as far away as France! He has been first and foremost an ambassador for the Samoyed breed! His volunteer work in therapy at hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, day cares, schools, and rehabilitation units allowed him to develop skills that many never have the opportunity to see in a dog. His gentleness and sweetness allowed him to be the very best therapy dog he could be. As a therapy dog his work with the R.E.A.D.® program allowed him to become a very special friend to the children, staff, and faculty at MacArthur Elementary School in Tulsa and children that would come to the Tulsa City County Library PAWS Program. He received recognition from the AKC for the ACE award and was inducted into the Oklahoma Animal Hall of Fame in 2010 (being recognized for his work with the R.E.A.D. program). Bozzie was a member of: Therapy Dogs Inc., Reading Education Assistance Dogs, Karing K-9s Therapy Dogs, and Crisis Aid Response Dogs. He attended classes at: TDTC, CDST and K9 Manners & More. I was blessed to have been his chauffer for eleven years!

God only lent him to us
For just a little while
But now he wants him back with him
His beauty makes him smile.
So rest our darling Bozzie
Please always remember this
You’re in our hearts forever
We sealed it with a kiss.
(Adapted from a poem by J. K. Lawrence)

Sharon Wilson, Granny, Uncle Mark, Uncle Chuck & Aunt Vickie

11-28-2010 10;42;20 AM


05/1995 - 11/2010

Boo lived to be 15 years old. She helped me through all my bad times, she could always make me smile. Boo made me want to live for her and she is very missed. Boo loved tennis balls, she could hold three in her mouth. She had two buddies, Roxy who passed 5 years before her and Molly who misses her.



Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog

1998 - 2010

In her brief years as a four-legged fire safety educator, Sparkles participated in a Congressional briefing in Washington, DC and appeared on FOX and Friends in New York City, as well as having her photo appear on a jumbotron on Times Square in New York City. Her efforts were also mentioned on the Floor of Congress and in a Senate committee hearing meeting.

Sparkles was the star of her own critically acclaimed, award-winning children’s fire safety books, Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog and Sparkles Goes to Boston. Sparkles and the books were credited with helping save the lives of two children and their families. Additionally, Sparkles was featured in several newsletters, websites, blogs and magazines across the globe and will be featured in several books in 2011.

Meri-K Appy, President of the Home Safety Council stated, “Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog will be remembered by her legion of fans — past, present, and future — as a safety icon. Sparkles made a real difference in the lives of children and families across America. Her legacy will continue to inspire fire and life safety educators everywhere to follow in her pawsteps in spreading her lifesaving message.”

Dayna Hilton



Bearing Cassie

“In the gloom, the gold gathers the light against it.”
–Ezra Pound
“For of the soul the body form doth take:
  For soul is form, and doth the body make.”
–Edmund Spenser
“….displaying a splendour unmarred by death.”
–Joseph Conrad

Near the end,
the dance was still in her eyes,
but it had become a pavane.

She walked in strained inches.
In the sweetness of the spring air,
in the iridescent light of the garden,
I had to carry her –
a golden nimbus
whose heart beat faintly against mine.
My hand beneath her
clasped the scraggy, scarred landscape
of her savaged past.

When she slept,
she dreamed. She dreamed,
I knew, of the collie’s homeland:
its dark, still lochs
and the wild heather rippling in its winds.
I knew
this was where to find her after.

She had yearned, so long,
for something deeper than love itself,
for someone to want her love,
and she found me,
ending my fifty-year wait
for her second coming.
I wanted her love: she rived my darkness
like an exploding star.

Soundless and self-denying, she died
at home in my arms.
In the subdued background,
plangent bagpipes played
Scotland the Brave and My Home in the Hills.
Teardrops coffined her homecoming,
as I felt her gossamer soul
pass through my hands,
felt the pith of my own leaving with her.

Caleb Hiller

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