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August 2009 - February 16, 2010

Mankind let you down, Baby Girl, but please know there were those who cared. Time just ran out for you. Those who knew you for the last few days of your short life loved you, and prayed for your recovery. They so wanted you to grow up to have a wonderful life, and to learn that not all humankind is evil.  May the summer’s sun spread warmth over your little spirit for all of eternity, and may you be free from pain and hunger and suffering by human hand. May you also know that there are many who are so, so very sorry.  Rest in peace, Baby Girl.

Summer, a six-month old Boxer puppy, was rescued by Tulsa Boxer Rescue on February 13, 2010, from a Wagoner County “home” after a life of neglect and abuse. Emaciated and dehydrated, after much care she passed away in the early morning hours of February 16, 2010.

Please quickly report any suspected animal abuse or neglect. A day may just make a difference.




1993 - 2009

Bogie was found at the cemetery where my Dad was buried not long after my Dad passed away. I remember he was just a little bitty ball of fur lying by a tree. He was scared to death to come to me until I sat down on the ground and put my hand out. I truly believe he was sent to me during a rough time in my life. From the moment we got home he never left my side. He was with me for 16 years through the best times of my life and the worst. He was truly my little buddy and best friend and is sorely missed. I remember the day he crossed over the rainbow bridge just like it was yesterday. I know he is up there with all of his little friends chasing squirrels and sleeping on clouds!

I love you little Bogie.

Kim Scott



1994 - 2009

Ch. Andauer – “Reagan” M.
Champion of the show ring, Canine Good Citizen, Companion Dog and Registered Therapy Dog in Tulsa, OK. Reagan’s therapy dog career took him to rehab hospitals, long term care centers, shelters for homeless children, and homes for the disabled, but his specialty was Hospice. Reagan is survived by Rick Goodhead, Tom Nelson, Simon, Bentley, Zachary, Lilly, and cat, Choxie. He was admired by everyone who knew him for his ability to cheer people up in their darkest hour. On October 24th, 2009, Reagan departed and disappeared into the cold and damp Iowa night. Thanks to everyone who helped search for Reagan, especially my dad (Doug), my mom (Milly), and my sister (Kay).

Rick Goodhead & Tom Nelson



8/25/1997 - 7/2/2009

U-CD, HIC, CGC, TDINC, RN, RA, WS, and maybe his WSX

Barrett came to me as a bouncing baby boy. I had never worked with a male before, all of my previous dogs had been females (Sugar, Snow, Tasha, Cybil, and Calie). He charged into every activity with real gusto and forever changed my feelings for the sweet little boy dogs that live in this world. We did obedience, agility, herding, doggy dancing, confirmation, rally and pet therapy. Barrett “danced” to Bad Bad Leroy Brown, You Talk Too Much, and The Chicken Dance. He was known as the Dancing Dog! He barked his way into my heart as well as everyone else’s who met him. We became a registered therapy team when he was two. We made folks laugh and know that a dog really can dance! Barrett had almost 200 hours of therapy visits in the greater Tulsa area. He was the man! Only now… it is quiet and it was Hemangiosarcoma that silenced him. “…It broke my heart to lose you, but you didn’t go alone. For part of me went with you, the day God called you home…”

Sharon Wilson



Lucky, thank you for bringing so much joy to our family for 9 years. We will always remember you running around the tree chasing squirrels with Annie. The way you loved to burrow and snuggle under any blanket or pillow you could find. We will miss watching you play tug of war with your toys. There are so many wonderful memories and we will cherish all of them in our hearts forever. Even though your name was Lucky, there is no doubt that we were the lucky ones! We love you and miss you so much! Rest in peace in heaven Lucky. We will never, ever forget you.

Mom, Dad, Zach, Chase, Annie & Hayley



7/2/1994 - 4/2/2009


Calie came into my life as a darling little white fur ball! She was my practice dog for obedience, agility, herding, doggy dancing, confirmation, rally and pet therapy. I learned so much about how to train a dog with this lovely example of a Samoyed. Because of her I have met hundreds of people involved with every aspect of dogdom and gone places I never would have, had I not experienced training and showing Calie. We became a registered therapy team when she was two. We made folks smile and laugh and forget their pain at nursing homes, hospitals, schools, libraries, rehabilitation units and day cares for over thirteen years. Calie had over 200 hours of therapy visits in the greater Tulsa area. She was my true heart dog.
“You have gone ahead
And nothing is the same
Leaving paw prints on my heart
That will always remain…”

Sharon Wilson

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